Röthenbach (Allgäu)

Röthenbach (Allgäu)

Infobox German Location
Wappen = Wappen_Röthenbach_Allgäu.pnglat_deg = 47 |lat_min = 37
lon_deg = 9 |lon_min = 59
Lageplan =
Bundesland = Bayern
Regierungsbezirk = Schwaben
Landkreis = Lindau
Verwaltungsgemeinschaft = Röthenbach (Allgäu)
Höhe = 663
Fläche = 14.96
Einwohner = 1744
Stand = 2005-06-30
PLZ = 88167
Vorwahl = 08384
Kfz = LI
Gemeindeschlüssel = 09 7 76 124
Adresse-Verband = VG Röthenbach (Allgäu)
Mühlenstr. 1
88167 Röthenbach (Allgäu)
Website = [http://www.gemeinde-roethenbach-allgaeu.de/ www.gemeinde-roethenbach-allgaeu.de]
Bürgermeister = Engelbert Schädler
Partei =

Röthenbach (Allgäu) is a municipality in the administrative region of Swabia Lindau district and seat of the municipal association Röthenbach.


Röthenbach (Allgäu) is located in the Allgäu region. The municipality lies between the alps and Lake Constance.


Röthenbach was first mentioned in 866. At the foundation of the monastery of Mehrerau at the end of the 11. century, the city belonged to its property. Later Röthenbach (Allgäu) was part of the Austrian authority Bregenz-Hohenegg. Since the signing of the peace treaties of Brünn and Preßburg 1805 the city belongs to Bavaria. In the course of the administrative reforms in Bavaria the contemporary municipality was formed by the "Gemeindeedikt" of 1818.


In the area of Röthenbach 1.491 inhabitants in 1970, 1.007 in 1987 and 1.722 inhabitants in the year 2000 were counted.


The mayor of Röthenbach is Engelbert Schädler (Freie Wähler). The revenue from the council tax was 1.386.000 € in 1999, of which the net amount of business tax added up to 736.000 €.

Economy and infrastructure

Economy, agriculture and forestry

According to the official statistics, in 1998 there were 250 employees who were subject to social insurance contribution in the industry and none in the trading and transport sector at the place of work. In other economic sectors 72 persons were employed at the place of work. Altogether there were 567 employees, who are subject to social insurance contribution at the place of domicile. In the secondary sector of industry there were 6, in main construction work 3 businesses. Moreover, in 1999 54 agricultural businesses existed with a total area of 880 ha.


Röthenbach has a train station at the Allgäubahn München - Lindau, which is located about 2 km west of the city.


In 1999 the following institutions existed:
*A kindergarten with 50 kindergarten places and 50 children
*An elementary school with 4 teachers and 99 students

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