Çukurova University

Çukurova University
Çukurova Üniversitesi
Established 1973 [1]
Type Public
Admin. staff 1,903
Students 40,000 undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate
Location Adana, Turkey
Campus Urban, 22,000 decares)
Website www.cu.edu.tr

Çukurova University (Turkish: Çukurova Üniversitesi) has eleven faculties, three colleges, seven vocational colleges, three institutes and twenty six research and application centers. The university campus is located 10 kilometers away from Adana city center, by the Seyhan Dam Lake.

The university, with its 1903 teaching staff, offers courses to over 40,000 undergraduate, post graduate and doctorate students.[2]

The library has internet access and houses national and international publications. Computer rooms are available for student use campus-wide. These computer rooms are also used for computer-assisted education and scientific research. The university also offers its students recreational facilities including an indoor sports center and swimming pool, a boathouse and sports grounds. Students can make the best of their leisure time in any of the 29 student clubs.

The students of the university have the opportunity to do practical training abroad through AIESEC and similar organizations. Transportation to the Balcalı Campus is offered by private bus services.



The Faculty of Agriculture, founded in 1969 by Ankara University, and the Faculty of Medicine, founded in 1972 by Atatürk University, were combined to form Çukurova University in 1973.[3] The number of the faculties rose to five when the faculties of Basic Sciences, Administrative Sciences and Engineering were founded. In 1982, the Faculty of Basic Sciences was reorganized as the Faculty of Sciences and Letters, and the Faculty of Administrative Sciences was combined with the Department of Economics and Administrative Sciences forming the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics. The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture emerged from the combination of the Faculty of Engineering and the Engineering Department of the Adana Academy of Administrative and Commercial Sciences. Also, the Faculty of Education was established when the two-year Foreign Language Colleges of the Ministry of Education in Adana, Mersin and Hatay were combined. By 1992, the university helped to lay the foundation of three new universities in Turkey. Two colleges, complete with modern buildings, laboratories and educational equipment were turned over to Mersin University, and three colleges were turned over to Hatay Mustafa Kemal University, and the Research and Application Center in Kahramanmaraş was taken over by Sutcu Imam University.

The number of faculties rose to 10 when the faculties of Fisheries, Theology, Dentistry and Fine Arts were established.

Adana Vocational College of Health and Kozan Vocational College were opened to education. With the addition of three post-graduate institutions and the State Conservatory of Çukurova University, the number of academic bodies increased to 21. The Karatas College of Tourism and Hotel Management was set up in 1994, the Karaisali Vocational College was set up in 1995 and the Vocational College of Kadirli offering two educational programs: Computer Programming and Industrial Electronics was founded in 1997. The Department of Physical Education was reorganized as the College of Physical Education and Sports, and in 1996, the Vocational College of Health Services was reorganized as the College of Health Sciences.

The Balcalı campus

The Çukurova University's Balcali campus which is on the eastern side of Seyhan Lake occupies an area of 20 km². The name "Balcali" originates from the name of the village that stood on the present campus before the university was built.[4]

The campus houses administrative and educational buildings with labs available for research services in various branches of a hospital complex, a central library, a central cafeteria, sports facilities, teacher residences, social facilities and dormitories which accommodate a total of 3500 students.

Public transport vehicles commute between the city center and the campus.

Faculties and departments

Faculty Department Education language
(Apart from Turkish)
Ceyhan Faculty of Engineering -
Faculty of Dentistry -
Faculty of Education Education Science -
Teacher Training in Religious Culture and Ethics -
Special Education -
Department of Foreign Languages ​​Education -
Computer Education and Instructional Technology -
Social Sciences Education -
Fine Arts Education -
Department of Elementary Education -
Faculty of Arts and Sciences Biology -
Physics -
Chemistry -
Mathematics -
Turkish Language and Literature -
Statistics -
Faculty of Economics
and Administrative Sciences
Economy English
Business English
Finance -
Econometrics English
International Relations -
Faculty of Theology Fundamental Islamic Sciences -
Philosophy and Religious Studies -
Islamic History and Arts -
Faculty of Communication -
Faculty of Fine Arts Interior Design -
Ceramic -
Textile -
Graphics -
Faculty of Law -
Faculty of
Engineering and Architecture
Computer Engineering -
Environmental Engineering -
Electrical and Electronic Engineering English
Industrial Engineering -
Civil Engineering -
Geological Engineering -
Mining Engineering -
Mechanical Engineering English
Automotive Engineering English
Architecture -
Textile Engineering -
Faculty of Fisheries -
Faculty of Medicine -
Faculty of Agriculture Agricultural Engineering -
Food Engineering -
Landscape architecture -


The language of instruction in almost all the programs of the university is Turkish. However, the language of instruction in the Electric-Electronics and Mechanical Engineering Departments of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture is English.[5]

Students receive compulsory English preparatory classes in all the programs of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

English preparatory classes are optional for the students registered in the Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics Departments of the Faculty of Science and Letters and for the students of Civil Engineering, Geology, Architecture, Industry and Textile Departments of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture.

Foreign language preparatory classes are conducted in the English, French and German Language Teaching Departments of the Faculty of Education.

The university consists of 10 faculties (with 80 undergraduate programs), three graduate schools (with 64 post-graduate programs), three colleges (with four undergraduate programs), seven vocational colleges (with 23 vocational programs) and YADIM (Foreign Languages Research and Application Center where both undergraduate and post-graduate students are taught English), and a state conservatory.

Evening classes

Evening classes are available in the Department of Teacher Training of the Faculty of Education; in the Departments of Economics and Business in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences; in the Departments of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Turkish Language and Literature in the Faculty of Science and Letters; in the Departments of Civil- Mechanical- Geological- Industrial- and Mining Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture; in the Faculty of Fisheries; and in all Departments of Ceyhan and Osmaniye Vocational Colleges.

Student societies

There are numerous student societies active in Cukurova University.

Cukurova University Equestrian Sports Club ÇUASK

Founded in 2000, CUASK offers university students and staff alike an opportunity to start lessons in horse riding. The club has four Thoroughbred stallions that are used for schooling. Once students gain experience, they are free to go on trail rides anywhere within the campus boundaries. Instructors in the club are students themselves, who volunteer in giving lessons, taking care of the horses/stables and in managing the club.

Academic staff

The university employs 1903 academic staff (24 from abroad) of which 330 are professors, 141 associate professors, 299 assistant professors, 152 instructors, 723 research assistants, 76 specialists, 157 lecturer.

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Notable alumni

  • Turgay Avcı, poltician and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  • Hüseyin Dündar, world and European champion of martial arts disciplines
  • Macit Özcan, politician and mayor of Mersin

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