Karenni the Minx

Karenni the Minx

Karenni the Minx is a character from the "Viz" comic magazine. Karenni takes her name from Karen-Ni, the country of the Red Karens, a collection of small states, formerly independent, but was the feudatory to Burma (now Myanmar). So called because the character is actually based on the famous Burmese women who wear brass rings around their necks in order to give the impression they are stetched.

She also takes her name from the British comic character Minnie the Minx, from "The Beano", and her adventures reflect this basis.

In the "Viz" strip she mentions that she is "Not called the bizarre giraffe necked woman on Wikipedia for nothing'.

Therefore it should be mentioned here that Karenni the Minx is a bizarre giraffe necked woman.

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