Geoffrey Gaimar

Geoffrey Gaimar

Geoffrey Gaimar (flourished 1140?), was an Anglo-Norman chronicler. Gaimar's most significant contribution to medieval literature and history is as a translator from Old English to Anglo-Norman. His "L'Estoire des Engles" translates extensive portions of the "Anglo-Saxon Chronicle" as well as using Latin and French sources. It is an octosyllabic rhymed chronicle written between 1136 and 1137 for Constance, wife of Ralph FitzGilbert, a Lincolnshire landowner. Geoffrey also used other sources for his text, and in particular it stands as the first witness to the legend of Havelok the Dane.

He claims to have written a version of the "Brut" story, probably a translation of the chronicle of Geoffrey of Monmouth's "Historia Regum Britanniae" into Old French verse. Yet the so-called "L'Estoire des Bretons" does not survive, and his indebtedness to Geoffrey of Monmouth appears only in Gaimar's knowledge of Galfridian legendary history.

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