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Brian Lumley (born 2 December 1937) is an English horror fiction writer. Born in County Durham, he joined the British Army and wrote stories in his spare time before retiring from the military in 1980 and becoming a professional writer.

He added to H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos cycle of stories, including several tales featuring the character Titus Crow. Others pastiched Lovecrafts's Dream Cycle and featured the characters David Hero and Eldin the Wanderer. Lumley once explained the difference between his Cthulhu Mythos characters and Lovecraft's: "My guys fight back. Also, they like to have a laugh along the way." [Brian Lumley, "Mail-Call of Cthulhu", "Black Forbidden Things", p. 194.]

Later works included the "Necroscope" series of novels, which produced spin-off series such as the "Vampire World Trilogy", "The Lost Years" parts 1 and 2, and the "E-Branch" trilogy. The central protagonist of the earlier "Necroscope" novels appears in the anthology "Harry Keogh and Other Weird Heroes". The "Necroscope" saga is closed with the novel "The Touch".

Lumley served as president of the Horror Writers Association from 1996 to 1997.


Lumley's list of his favourite horror stories--"not complete by any means and by no means in order of preference"--includes M. R. James' "Count Magnus", Robert E. Howard's "The Black Stone", Robert W. Chambers' "The Yellow Sign" from "The King in Yellow", William Hope Hodgson's "The Voice in the Night", and H. P. Lovecraft's "The Haunter of the Dark" and "The Colour out of Space". ["An Interview with Brian Lumley", Robert M. Price, "Nightscapes" No. 5.]


="Necroscope" Saga=

*"Necroscope" (1986)
*"Necroscope II: Wamphyri!" (1988)
**US Title: "Necroscope II: Vampyri!"
*"Necroscope III: The Source" (1989)
*"Necroscope IV: Deadspeak" (1990)
*"Necroscope V: Deadspawn" (1991)
*"Vampire World 1: Blood Brothers" (1992)
**US Title: "Blood Brothers"
*"Vampire World 2: The Last Aerie" (1993)
**US Title: "The Last Aerie"
*"Vampire World 3: Bloodwars" (1994)
**US Title: "Bloodwars"
*"Necroscope: The Lost Years Volume 1" (1995)
**US Title: "Necroscope: The Lost Years"
*"Necroscope: The Lost Years Volume 2" (1996)
**US Title: "Necroscope: Resurgence, The Lost Years Volume Two"
*"E-Branch 1: Invaders" (1998)
**US Title: "Necroscope: Invaders"
*"E-Branch 2 : Defilers" (1999)
*"E-Branch 3: Avengers" (2000)
*"Necroscope: The Touch" (2006)
**US only
*"Necroscope: Harry and the Pirates" (2009)

The "Psychomech" Trilogy

*"Psychomech" (1984)
*"Psychosphere" (1984)
*"Psyckamok" (1985)

Cthulhu Cycle Deities Novels

*Titus Crow/Henri deMarigney
**"The Burrowers Beneath" (1974)
**"The Transition of Titus Crow" (1975)
**"The Clock of Dreams" (1978)
**"Spawn of the Winds" (1978)
**"In the Moons of Borea" (1979)
**"Elysia" (1989)
***Completing novel for Titus/Dreamlands/Primal Lands series
*Dreamlands Novels (2009, All 5 from Full Moon Press)
**"Hero of Dreams" (1986)
**"Ship of Dreams" (1986)
**"Mad Moon of Dreams" (1987)
**"Iced on Aran"
**"Questors for Kuranes"
*Primal Land Novels
**"House of Cthulhu" (1991)
**"Tarra Khash: Hrossak!" ()
**"Sorcery in Shad" (1991)

Other Novels

*"Beneath the Moors" (1974 - Arkham House)
*"The House of Doors" (1990)
**And its sequel, "House of Doors: The Second Visit" ("Maze of Worlds" in the US) (1998)
*"Demogorgon" (1987)
*"Khai of Ancient Khem" (or "Khai of Khem" in a recent reprint) (1980)

hort Stories

Lumley has written many original tales, as well as some reminiscent of Richard Matheson and H. P. Lovecraft.Here is a selected bibliography of his short story collections.
*"The Caller of the Black" (1971 - Arkham House)
*"The Horror at Oakdeene and Others" (1977 - Arkham House)
*"Fruiting Bodies and Other Fungi" (1993)
*"Dagons Bell and Other Discords" (1994)
*"The Second Wish and Other Exhalations" ()
*"Iced on Aran" ()
**Collection of Dreamland tales featuring David Hero and Eldin the Wanderer
*"The House of Cthulhu and Others" (1984)
**Collection of Primal Land tales
*"A Coven of Vampires" (Fedogan & Bremer, 1998)
*"Harry Keogh: Necroscope and Other Weird Heroes!" (2003)
**US only; features two new stories featuring Harry Keogh, the eponymous Necroscope as well as previously published short stories of some of Lumley's more enduring heroes, Titus Crow plus David Hero and Eldin the Wanderer
*"The Whisperer and Other Voices" (2001)
*"Screaming Science Fiction: Horrors from Out of Space"
*"Brian Lumley's Freaks"
*Dark Delicacies (2005)
**"My Thing Friday

The Subterranean Press Edition

*"Necroscope " (novel)

*"Brian Lumley's Freaks"
**"In the Glow Zone
**"Mother Love
**"Problem Child
**"The Ugly Act
**"Somebody Calling

*"A Coven of Vampires " (1998)
**"What Dark God?
**"Back Row
**"The Strange Years
**"The Kiss of the Lamia
**"The Thief Immortal
**"The Thing From the Blasted Heath
**"The Picknickers
**"Zack Phalanx is Vlad the Impaler
**"The House of the Temple

*"Screaming Science Fiction: Horrors from Out of Space"
**" Snarker's Son
**" The Man Who Felt Pain
**" The Strange Years
**" No Way Home
**" The Man Who Saw No Spiders
**" Deja Viewer
**" Feasibility Study
**" Gaddy's Gloves
**" The Big 'C'

painted cover for Subterranean Press Edition ]
*The Taint and others novellas: Best Mythos Tales, Volume One (2007)
**"The Horror at Oakdeene
**"Born of the Winds
**"The Fairground Horror
**"The Taint
**"Rising with Surtsey
**"Lord of the Worms
**"The House of the Temple

*Haggopian and other stories (2008)
**"The Caller of the Black
**"Cement Surroundings
**"The House of Cthulhu
**"The Night Sea-Maid Went Down
**"Name and Number
**"Curse of the Golden Guaradians
**"Aunt Hester
**"The Kiss of Bugg-Shash
**"De Marigny's Clock
**"Mylakhrion the Immortal
**"The Sister City
**"What Dark God?
**"The Statement of Henry Worthy
**"Dagon's Bell
**"The Thing from the Blasted Heath
**"Dylath Leen
**"The Mirror of Nitocris
**"The Second Wish
**"The Hymn
**"Synchronicity or Something
**"The Black Recalled
**"The Sorcerer's Dream

Note: This list is not exhaustive. Being a prolific writer of novels and short stories, Lumley has had many pieces published in titles under his own name only, as well as periodicals, partworks, and other publications alongside other writers of note.


*Though it is probably a coincidence, Stephen King, himself heavily influenced by H. P. Lovecraft, wrote a short story in "Night Shift" called "One for the Road", in which one of the characters is called 'Gerard Lumley' and who is murdered by vampires.

*Lumley was a guest of honour at the opening year of the three-year-running convention, JerseyDevilCon


External links

* [ Brian Lumley's Web Site]
* [ "An Interview with Brian Lumley"] , by Robert M. Price, "Nightscapes" No. 5

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