Demir Hisar municipality

Demir Hisar municipality

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municipality_name_mkd=Општина Демир Хисар
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municipality_center=Demir Hisar

Demir Hisar ( _mk. Демир Хисар) is a municipality in south-western Republic of Macedonia. "Demir Hisar", which means "iron fortress" in Turkish, is also the name of the town where the municipal seat is found. Demir Hisar municipality is part of Pelagonia statistical region.


The municipality borders Drugovo municipality in the north, Kruševo municipality and Mogila municipality in the east, Bitola municipality in the south, and Resen municipality, Ohrid municipality, and Debarca municipality in the west.


According to the last National census from 2002 this municipality has 9,497 inhabitants. ref|census

Ethnic groups in the municipality include:
*Macedonians = 9,179
*Albanians = 2, 456


# [$FILE/I1%20Population%2015%20C2002%20123.pdf Macedonian census data of 2002]

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