Interdental plate

Interdental plate

The interdental plate refers to the bone-filled mesial-distal region between the teeth. [cite journal| url= | title=TOOTH SOCKET HISTOLOGY IN THE CRETACEOUS SNAKE DINILYSIA, WITH A REVIEW OF AMNIOTE DENTAL ATTACHMENT TISSUES | publisher=Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology | pages=138–145 | issn=0272-4634 | year=2006 | volume=26 | doi=10.1671/0272-4634(2006)26 [138:TSHITC] 2.0.CO;2 | author=Budney, LISA A. | journal=Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology | doilabel=10.1671/0272-4634(2006)26[138:TSHITC]2.0.CO;2] The word "interdental" is a combination of "inter" + "dental" (meaning "between the teeth") which originated in approximately 1870. [cite web | url= | title=Interdental | | accessdate=2007-03-13] In paleobiology, the presence or absence of the interdental plate can determine the place of an animal in the evolutionary scale, and paleontologists use the interdental plate when trying to classify a new specimen. Thecodont reptiles and theropod dinosaur fossils have an interdental plate, whereas acrodont reptiles such as "Sphenodontia" do not. [ [ Tooth Implantation] . "". Retrieved on 2007-03-13.] Its presence in "Archaeopteryx", an extinct avian, resulted in the proposal of the dinosaur-bird connection.

The term can also be used to refer to a manufactured object designed to be placed or worn between the teeth. An example would be a dental prosthetic designed to prevent contact between the teeth while the wearer is sleeping. [cite journal | url= | title=Sleep-induced masticatory myoclonus: a rare parasomnia associated with insomnia. | journal=Sleep. | volume=1991 Feb;14(1) | pages=80–2.] Cite patent|US|6702765 relates to an apparatus designed to measure the pressure exerted by the tongue as a means of diagnosing ailments related to swallowing. [Ref patent
title=Apparatus for measuring tongue/hard palate contact pressure

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