"Mierda" (Spanish, meaning "Shit") is the title of a hip hop song recorded by the Spanish group Violadores del Verso, and released in 1999 in a CD single of the same name.

The cut

"Mierda" is a 9 min. 53 sec. rap song, with lyrics in Spanish by "Kase-O" (Javier Ibarra) and music by "R de Rumba" (R. Cuevas) and "Kase.O". The singer "Kase.O" has stated that many musicians limit their works to last three or four minutes, in an attempt to make them easier play on the radio. "Kase.O" does the whole vocal part of the theme, but a pair of sentences are replied to by a female voice.

ong information

The lyrics start with an invocation to Poseidon and Calliope. Then "Kase.O" tells some stories about his life in Zaragoza and about his DJ background. He goes on commenting and criticising the Zaragozan hip hop scene. He does most of the rapping in a calm tone, until he mentions "Metro" (a rival MC, member of the Catalonian hip hop crew Geronación). Suddenly, "Kase.O" speeds up (though the instrumental part keeps its cool tempo), and increases the rate of curse words as he raps his anger against "Metro".

The CD

The cover reads "Violadores del Verso V presenta a Kase.O en: Mierda". The "Violadores del Verso" crew is comprised by four men from Zaragoza, shown in a photograph inside, but just "R de Rumba" and "Kase.O" take part in the album.

The tracks were recorded in Huesca, and the album was published by Avoid Records.The four tracks are:
*1. "Mierda" [9'53"]
*2. "Balantains" [5'18"]
*3. "Mierda" (Instrumental) [9'51"]
*4. "Balantains" (Instrumental) [5'45"]

("Balantains" is a phonetical transcription of "Ballantine's", a whisky brand)

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