Fishing in Wyoming

Fishing in Wyoming

A game fish is any species of fish pursued for sport by recreationalists (anglers). The capture of game fish is usually tightly regulated. In comparison, nongame fish are all fish not considered game fish. Game fish may be eaten after being caught, though increasingly anglers are practicing catch-and-release tactics to improve fish populations.

In the U.S. state of Wyoming there are about 4,200 lakes (with over convert|333000|acre|km2|0 of water) and over convert|27000|mi|km|-3 of fishable streams. ["2006 through 2007 Wyoming Fishing Regulations", November 2005.] There are 78 fish species, 28 of which are game fish (including 9 native species) and 50 are nongame fish (including 40 native species). Wyoming game fish include bass ("Micropterus" and "Ambloplites"); sunfish ("Lepomis"); crappie ("Pomoxis"); walleye and sauger ("Sander"); yellow perch ("Perca"); trout, salmon, and char ("Salmo", "Oncorhynchus", and "Salvelinus"); whitefish ("Prosopium"); grayling ("Thymallus"), pike ("Esox"); catfish and bullheads ("Ameiurus", "Ictalurus", "Noturus", and "Pylodictis"), burbot ("Lota"); sturgeon ("Scaphirhyncus"); and freshwater drum ("Aplodinotus").

Trout species include rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, brown trout, brook trout, and lake trout. There are four subspecies of cutthroat trout native to Wyoming: the Colorado River cutthroat, the Yellowstone cutthroat, the Bonneville cutthroat, and the Snake River Cutthroat.

Threats to Wyoming game fish include the New Zealand mud snail, the common carp, and whirling disease. In addition, the introduction of brook sticklebacks ("Culaea incontans"), walleyes, ling suckers, and white suckers have impacted the ecology of native game fish. Conservation efforts to protect Wyoming game fish include licensing, creel limits, and issuing conservation stamps.

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