List of French forts in North America

List of French forts in North America

This is a list of all "Forts" built by the French government or French Chartered companies in what later became Canada and the United States. They range from large European-type citadels like at Quebec City to tiny fur-trade posts.


*Fort Bourbon (West)
*Fort Bourbon (North)
*Fort Beauséjour
*Castle Hill
*Fort Chambly
*Citadelle of Quebec
*Fort de la Corne
*Fort Dauphin
*Fort Espérance
*Fort Frontenac
*Fort Gaspareaux
*Fort Kaministiquia
*Fort La Reine
*Fort Le Jonquiere
*Fortress of Louisbourg
*Fort Maurepas
*Fort Paskoya
*Fort Richelieu
*Fort Rouge
*Fort Rouillé
*Fort Sainte Anne (Hudson Bay)
*Fort St. Jacques
*Fort St. Louis
*Fort St. Pierre
*Fort Senneville
*The Citadel, Montreal


*Fort des Alibamons
*Fort Beauharnois
*Fort de Buade
*Fort Condé
*Fort de Chartres
*Fort Carillon
*Fort Caroline
*Fort de Cavagnal
*Fort Crèvecoeur
*Fort Detroit
*Fort Duquesne
*Fort Lévis
*Fort Massac
*Fort Maurepas
*Fort des Miamis
*Fort Miamis
*Fort Michilimackinac
*Fort Miami (Michigan)
*Fort des Natchitoches
*Fort Niagara
*Fort Orleans
*Fort Ouiatenon
*Fort Ste. Anne
*Fort St. Charles
*Fort St. Frédéric
*Fort St. Joseph (Niles)
*Fort Saint Louis (Texas)
*Fort St. Louis (Illinois)
*Fort Sandoské
*Fort de La Présentation
*Fort Le Boeuf
*Fort Presque Isle
*Fort Ouiatenon
*Fort Rosalie (1716)
*Fort de Tombecbé
*Fort Toulouse (1717)
*Fort Vincennes

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