Citation style language

Citation style language

The Citation Style Language, commonly abbreviated CSL, is an XML schema created by Bruce D'Arcus which describes bibliographic and citation formatting. While the functionality is similar to , it is authored in RELAX NG. CSL is used by various reference management software, including Zotero and CiteProc. CSL and CiteProc, along with Cite Schema make up the [ XBib] project, a GPL-licensed effort to provide Bibliographies and Citations for XML. As of April 2008, Cite Schema had been adopted Fact|date=July 2008;and the rest of the XBib system was under consideration for use by OpenOffice [Cite Proc at OpenOffice Bibliographic Project.] [OpenOffice Bibliographic Project.] .


External links

* [ Citation Style Language]
* [ Xbib Project Page] at Sourceforge
* [ CSL style generator] by Maxime Rigo
* [ CSLEdit] , "an attempt to write a GUI editor for generating Citation Style Language files."
* [ Repository of CSL styles] , automatically distributed to Zotero clients
* [ CSL documentation] , from Zotero
* [ How to submit a CSL style] Discussion about how to submit a CSL style to the Zotero repository, from Zotero forums

See also

* [ Bibliographic Ontology Specification] , a Creative Commons licensed ontology, designed to "describe bibliographic things on the semantic Web in RDF"

Other XML-based bibliographic metadata systems

* [ OSBIB] , another approach to using XML style files for bibliographic metadata
* [ BiblioX] , Peter Flynn's 2004 experiment in creating an XML-based system for formatting bibliographic citations and references using XSLT

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