Muchachitas como tú

Muchachitas como tú
Muchachitas Como Tu
La Vida Cambia
Muchachitas Como Tu Logo.jpg
Format Telenovela
Starring Ariadne Díaz
Gloria Sierra
Gabriela Carrillo
Begoña Narváez
Theme music composer Yesou Godinez
performer = Belinda
Opening theme Muchachitas
Country of origin Mexico
Language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 145
Producer(s) Emilio Larrosa
Running time 60 minutes (with commercials)
Original channel Televisa
Picture format 480i (SDTV), 1080i (HDTV)
Original run April 23, 2007 – November 9, 2007
Preceded by Amar Sin Límites
Followed by Tormenta en el paraíso
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Muchachitas como tú (Teenage Girls Like You) is the new version of the hit Muchachitas, a telenovela produced by Emilio Larrosa in 1991 for Televisa. This telenovela tells the story of four girls: Elena Olivares, Isabel Flores, Leticia Hernández and Monica Sánchez Zuñiga. The villain is Federico Cantú, a psycho killer who will stop at nothing until he gets Guillermo's fortune (Monica's dad). Muchachitas como tú aired in Mexico on April 24, 2007 and finished on November 9, 2007. Angelique Boyer, Cecilia Gabriela, Fabián Robles, Marco Méndez, Roberto Blandón, Silvia Mariscal, Mike Biaggio, Mario Casillas, Mauricio Barcelata, Lalo "El Mimo", Silvia Suárez, Lucero Lander,and Sergio Reynoso will star in this teen drama. The four girls are new actresses from Televisa's acting school (CEA), and their names are: Ariadne Díaz (Leticia), Gloria Sierra (Mónica), Begoña Narvaez (Isabel), Gabriela Carrillo (Elena).

Muchachitas como tú, although being strongly criticized in Mexico, was a great success; in its final episodes, it was the most watched telenovela in Mexico, surpassing Pasión, the most watched telenovela in Mexico at that time.

Mexican singer Belinda is the performer of the main theme song.



Elena, Isabel, Mónica and Leticia are four girls who meet at an acting school (TAES). They belong to different social classes, but for them it is not important, because their main value is friendship. Federico Cantú (Fabián Robles) is Monica's cousin, he has been working for Guillermo, his uncle, who trusts him even though Federico's only interest is stealing his uncle's money.

The Muchachitas

  • Ariadne Díaz - Leticia Hernandez Fernadez aka: Herfer
  • Begoña Narvaez - Isabel Flores
  • Gabriela Carrillo - Elena Olivares
  • Gloria Sierra - Mónica Sánchez Zúñiga
  • AnaIsabel - Olivia - Margarita's half sister, Roger's real love

The Muchachitos

  • Marco Méndez - Joaquin Barbosa - dancing teacher, Leticia's real love
  • José Ron - Jorge - Isabel's real love [boyfriend]
  • Mike Biaggio - Rodrigo Suarez - First Elena's boyfriend, then Monica's real love
  • Mauricio Barcelata - Roger Guzmán - Monica's ex-boyfriend, Olivia's real love
  • Arturo Carmona - Diego - Elena's real love, Paola's Dad

Villains of "Muchachitas"

  • Claudia Troyo - Lucy - Carmen's Secretary
  • Fabian Robles - Federico Cantú - Guillermo's nephew
  • Elizabeth Aguilar - Virginia Velez - Carmen's enemy
  • Mar Contreras - Lorena - Margarita's best friend
  • Karla Luna - Gabriela - Margarita's other best friend.
  • Thelma Dorantes - Lucia - Diego's Mom
  • Manuela Ímaz - Raquel Ortigosa - Isabel's rival
  • Eduardo Liñán - El Diablo - Pepe's boss
  • Silvia Mariscal - Martha Sánchez Zúñiga - Federico's Mom
  • Mariana Morones - Renata - Federico's lover
  • Raúl Ochoa - Abel - Federico's accomplice
  • Jorge Da Silva - Valente Quintanar - Joaquin's step brother
  • Oscar Traven - Felipe - Carmen's lover

The New Muchachitas

  • Angelique Boyer - Margarita - Federico's Ex
  • Erika Garcia - Mariana - Leticia's neighbor
  • Tania Ibañez - Natalia - Monica's old friend, Tolomeo's girlfriend

Parents of "Muchachitas"

  • Lucero Lander - Esperanza Fernandez - Leticia's Mom
  • Ricadro Barona - Franciso 'Pancho' Hernandez - Leticia's Dad
  • Isabel Benet - Leonor Santos - Isabel's Mom
  • Sergio Reynoso - Alfredo Palacios FLores - Isabel's Dad
  • Dulce - Esther Cervantes #1 - Elena's Mom
  • Socorro Bonilla - Esther Cervantes #2 Elena's Mom
  • Carlos Camara Jr. - Jose 'Pepe' Olivares - Elena's Dad
  • Cecilia Gabriela - Verónica Vázquez - Monica's Mom
  • Roberto Blandon - Guillermo Sánchez Zúñiga - Monica's Dad

Parents of "Muchachitos"

  • Carlos Bracho - Bernardo Barbosa - Joaquin's Dad
  • Lalo "El Mimo" - Hector Suraez - Rodrigo's dad

Other characters of "Muchachitas"

  • Laura León - Carmen Marquez - Principal of TAES
  • Yaskin Santaklucia - Rolando - Music teacher of TAES
  • Ramon Valdes - Raul - Cafeteria's waiter
  • Lorena de la Garza - Laura - Worker at bakery where Elena worked
  • Dylan Obed - Claudio - Carmen's nephew
  • Hugo Aceves - Tolomeo - Federico's bodyguard
  • Lucia Zerecero Mercedes - Joaquin's friend
  • Lorena Velazquez Teresa Linares - Leticia's rich grandmother
  • Arturo Carmona - Diego Velázquez - In love with Elena
  • Danna Paola - Paola Velazquez - Diego's daughter
  • Místico - Místico - Rodrigo's friend
  • Alfredo Alfonso - Comandante Rubio - In love with Carmen
  • Mario Casillas - Luis - Margarita's Dad
  • Silvia Manríquez - Constanza - Margarita's Mom
  • Paulina Martell - Silvia Hernandez Fernandez - Leticia's sister
  • Ricardo Silva - Lic. Julio Cesar - In love with Esther

Original cast returns for special appearances

For this version, Laura León, best known as "La Tesorito" returns to Televisa. Producer Emilio larrosa and his team, wrote a special character for her. This new character will guide the Muchachitas through their troubles. Laura León originally played Esther in the original version of Muchachitas.

The actor who portrays Pancho (Leticia's father) on the current version of the show acted as Abel Federico's assistant on the previous Muchachitas.

Kate del Castillo (Leticia) and Cecilia Tijerina (Mónica) make special appearances in this Telenovela, they both received their big breaks in 1991 when they appeared in the first "Muchachitas".

Music group

At the end of this Telenovela, the four Muchachitas will form a group and record an album.



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