Čair municipality

Čair municipality

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Komuna e Çairit
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Čair (Macedonian: Чаир, Albanian: "Çairi") is one of the 10 municipalities that make up the city of Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia. Skopje's old town is located in Čair.


Čair is located along the eastern bank of the Vardar River, opposite the modern city center. It borders Centar municipality to the south-west, Karpoš municipality to the west, Butel municipality to the north, and Gazi Baba municipality to the east.


Skopje's old town, or Stara Čaršija, had been the city's main center at least since the 12th century. The Turkish influence is dominant in the Stara Čaršija. When the Ottomans took over, they built many Islamic buildings here, such as Mustapha Pasha Mosque. The old town has not changed much over time; it is still filled with narrow cobblestone walkways and most of the Ottoman monuments are still standing.


According to the last National census from 2002 Čair has 64,773 inhabitants. ref|census

Ethnic groups in the municipality include:
*Albanians = 36,921
*Macedonians = 15,628
*Turks = 4,500
*Roma = 3,083
*Bosniaks = 2,950


# [http://msed.stat.gov.mk/msed.nsf/cd549cc3f96284dbc1256f2b0026e546/5db5887c1be3440ac1256f3900547f34/$FILE/I1%20Population%2015%20C2002%20123.pdf Macedonian census data of 2002] ]

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