Kisela Voda municipality

Kisela Voda municipality

Infobox Municipality in the Republic of Macedonia
municipality_name=Kisela Voda municipality
municipality_name_mkd=Општина Кисела Вода
mayor=Džordže Arsov
municipality_location=MKD_muni_nonn(Skopje_Kisela Voda).png coa_pic=MMCA(Kisela Voda).png coa_px=100

Kisela Voda ( _mk. Кисела Вода) is one of 10 municipalities of Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia.


The municipality borders Karpoš municipality in the north-west, Centar municipality in the north, Aerodrom municipality in the north-east, Studeničani municipality in the south, and Sopište municipality in the west.


According to the last National census from 2002 this municipality has 57,236 inhabitants. ref|census

Ethnic groups in the municipality include:
*Macedonians = 52,478
*Serbs = 1,426


# [$FILE/I1%20Population%2015%20C2002%20123.pdf Macedonian census data of 2002] ]

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