House of Évreux

House of Évreux

The House of Évreux was a noble French family, a cadet branch of the Capetian dynasty, which flourished from the beginning of the 14th century to the mid 15th century. A branch of it came to rule the Kingdom of Navarre.

The House was founded by Louis de France, Count of Évreux. He was the third son of Philip III of France, by his second wife Maria of Brabant. He married Margaret of Artois. They had two sons, Charles d'Évreux, who continued the main line of the family, and Philippe d'Évreux, who married Joan II of Navarre, becoming Philip III of Navarre, and founding the Navarre branch of the House of Évreux.

The main line died out in 1400 - Charles d'Évreux's children failed to produce children. The Navarre branch continued until 1425, ending in the male line with the death of Charles III of Navarre, whose legitimate sons had predeceased him without offspring. Navarre then passed to Blanche, Charles III's heiress, who died in 1441, completely ending the House of Évreux.

Notable members of the House of Évreux

* Jeanne d'Évreux, the third wife and Queen of Charles IV of France, whose failure to produce a son ended the House of Capet
* Philip III of Navarre
* Blanche d'Évreux, the second wife and Queen of Philip VI of France
* Charles II of Navarre
* Joanna of Navarre, the second wife and only Queen of Henry IV of England
* Charles III of Navarre
* Blanche I of Navarre

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