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Other organizations

  • Movimento dei Comunisti Unitari, an Italian communist party
  • The Modern Churchpeople's Union, an Anglican liberal theological organisation
  • Monte Carlo Universal (MCU) is a project on development and practical use of a universal computer code for simulation of particle transport (neutrons, photons, electrons) in three-dimensional systems by means of the Monte Carlo method
  • Municipal Credit Union, a credit union in New York City


  • Medium close-up, a camera direction used on British television scripts
  • Multipoint control unit (MCU) is a device in video-conferencing that connects two or more audiovisual terminals together into one single video-conference call.

Other science and technology

  • A microcontroller unit (MCU) is a single chip that contains a processor, RAM, ROM, clock and I/O control unit. Hundreds of millions of MCUs are used in myriad devices ranging from automobiles to action figures
  • Minimum coded unit, the pixel block size of JPEG image used for coding; usually 8×8 pixels for grayscale and 4:4:4 format, and 16×16 pixels for YCbCr 4:2:0 color JPEG image
  • Multi-chip unit, a high-density packaging system that contains the central processing unit of the VAX 9000 minicomputer
  • milk clotting units, a measure of enzyme activity
  • Modular component unit (MCU) used with ARINC 404/600 series avionics "black box" systems; standard incremental widths are used for these boxes and their mounting system to ensure design compatibility for the avionics supplier and the aircraft manufacturer, and future additions or upgrades; example: Two 2MCU boxes and mounting trays will occupy the same space on an ARINC 404/600 shelf as one 4MCU box and tray; the standard also covers cooling air supply allocation from the mounting shelf system
  • Moisture Curing Polyurethane Coatings, corrosion resistant marine and protective coatings
  • Mitochondrial Calcium Uniporter, a crucial calcium channel newly discovered in a human cell's mitochondria


  • Marvel Cinematic Universe, A shared fictional universe of superhero films developed by Marvel Studios based on characters published in Marvel Comics much like the Marvel Universe in comic books.
  • The (fictional) Major Crimes Unit of the Gotham City Police Department in the Batman series of comic books; and the agency of the Chicago Police Department in the TV Series Crime Story; the term recurred again in the movie Heat, as the Unit from which Lt. Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino) takes down Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro) and his crew
  • The IATA airport code for Montluçon - Guéret Airport in France
  • Main control unit
  • MCU (artist), Japanese HipHop/Rap artist, formerly member of Kick the Can Crew; currently working as solo artist
  • material change of use Material change of use is a term the State Government of Queensland (Australia) and Queensland local governments use in the assessment of property development applications. It is defined in the Queensland Government's Integrated Planning Act 1997 (IPA) as:

- the start of a new use of the premises; - the re-establishment on the premises of a use that has been abandoned, or - a material change in the intensity or scale of the use of the premises.

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