Stitch (disambiguation)

Stitch (disambiguation)

Stitch may refer to:

In embroidery and sewing: a method of securing thread into textiles. There are many types of stitches, including:

*Chain stitch
*Embroidery stitch
*Lock stitchOther meanings:

* Side stitch, an intense stabbing pain during exercise.
* Image stitching
* "Stitch and glue", a DIY method.
* Stitch (Lilo & Stitch), a character from the 2002 Disney animated film "Lilo & Stitch".
* Stitch, a filipino rapper birth name: Cyrus Duduaco
* , a Canadian humour magazine
* Stitches (Australian band), an Australian experimental music group
* The Stitches, a U.S. punk rock band
* Stitch (breakcore), a UK free party / breakcore artist.
* "Stitches" is a single by American hard rock band Allele.
* Surgical suture, a medical stitch.

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