The Pineapple Incident

The Pineapple Incident

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Caption=The girl from Ted's bed
Title = The Pineapple Incident
Series = How I Met Your Mother
Season = 1
Episode = 10
Airdate = November 28, 2005
Production = 1ALH09
Writer = Carter Bays
Director = Pamela Fryman
Guests = David Henrie (Son), Joe Nieves (Carl), Lyndsy Fonseca (Daughter), Danica McKellar (Trudy), Joanna Leeds (Jane)
Episode list =List of How I Met Your Mother episodes
Prev = Belly Full of Turkey
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"The Pineapple Incident" is the 10th episode in the first season of the television series "How I Met Your Mother". It originally aired on November 28, 2005.


In this episode, Barney, Marshall, and Lily all convince Ted to take 5 shots so that Ted will not think but instead do. Ted blacks out, and wakes up the next morning with a girl he doesn't remember beside him in bed, a pineapple on his nightstand, and a sprained ankle. Ted asks Marshall and Lily about the night, and Marshall and Lily tell him that he sang along with the jukebox in the bar while standing on a table and talking on the phone with Robin. He then fell off the table (explaining the sprained ankle), and Marshall and Lily took him up to his bed. However, Ted finds that his jacket had been burned, and calls Barney to find out.

After finding Barney in the tub, Ted asks him about the night, and Barney tells Ted that he lit Ted's jacket on fire because Ted called Robin. Barney then tells Ted that after some more fun, he put Ted back into bed. Ted then finds that someone wrote on his arm, saying to call the number if Ted was found passed out somewhere. Ted calls the number, and finds out it belongs to the bartender, Carl. Carl tells Ted that he went to the bathroom to vomit (ending Ted's "vomit-free since '93" streak), and then told him the meaning of the word karaoke and that he wanted to go see some penguins at the zoo, but he had to make one more call first. Based on this information, Marshall, Lily, and Barney believe that the mysterious girl in Ted's bed is actually Robin, but as Ted goes to wake the girl up, Robin calls.

The girl in bed, Trudy (portrayed by Danica McKellar), wakes up, and explains her side of the story, telling Ted that he did not vomit after all, and that she exchanged numbers with him in the ladies' room of the bar. Ted tells Trudy to hide when Robin comes over to talk, and Trudy leaves via the fire escape before Ted can show her to Robin to prove that he has moved on. In the end, Ted eventually pieces his night together (except for the mysterious pineapple).


* Cheap Trick - "Voices"


* Ted has Count Basie and Mustard Plug posters on his bedroom wall, along with a poster for the Take Action Tour

* This episode is the first in which Ted's son and daughter do not appear.

Cultural references

*Marshall's line, "Oh, bad idea jeans!" refers to a Saturday Night Live skit of the same title in which wearers of the jeans announce that they will do something that others would advise them not to do.

* In the first scene when Ted says "Where is Thurston Howell taking you" he is referring to Thurstn Howell III (The Millionaire) from Gilligan's Island


* Lily jokingly insults Barney in this episode and lifts her hand for a high five. In response, Barney shakes his head and doesn't high-five her. This exchange recalls a moment in the pilot episode when Barney makes an inappropriate comment and Lily shakes her head instead of high-fiving him.
* Ted says proudly that he has been "vomit-free since '93." In "Game Night" when Barney tricks Ted into telling the "Re-Return Story" of his throwing up on Robin's doormat right after the events of the pilot episode, Marshall calls Ted on his vomit-free claim.
* Older Ted says he left Trudy a message and she never called him back. In "Third Wheel" Ted says he wishes he had called her.

Barney's Blog

*Due to the fact Ted managed to get Trudy into bed mere hours after they met, Barney issues his readers a test to find out if they are Closers or Losers [ .]

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