Eurocopter EC 155

Eurocopter EC 155

Infobox Aircraft
name= EC 155

caption= Eurocopter EC155 B1 at Paris Air Show 2007
type= Passenger Transport Helicopter
manufacturer= Eurocopter
first flight= 17 June 1997
introduced= March 1999
primary users=
more users=
number built=
program cost=
unit cost= US$10 million
developed from = Eurocopter AS365 N3 Dauphin 2
variants with their own articles =

The Eurocopter EC155 is a long-range medium-lift passenger transport helicopter developed by Eurocopter from the Dauphin family for civil aviation use. It is a twin-engined aircraft and can carry up to 13 passengers along with 1 or 2 crew, depending on customer configuration. The helicopter is marketed for passenger transport, offshore support, VIP corporate transport and casualty transport duties.


Originally designated AS365 N4, the EC155 was developed from the Eurocopter AS365 N3 Dauphin 2 with the aim of significantly increasing the cabin space of the Dauphin. Development began in September 1996 with the helicopter officially announced by Eurocopter at the Paris Air Show in June 1997. The first EC155 helicopter, a rebuilt Dauphin, made its maiden flight at Marignane on 17th June 1997 and the first pre-production EC155 B flew on 11th March 1998. The aircraft received safety certification by the French & German Civil Aviation Authorities on 11th December 1998 and went into production soon after, with a price tag of US$7-8 million depending on installed equipment. Deliveries of the EC155 B began in March 1999, with the German Federal Police becoming the first operator.

The EC155 B1 was developed with more powerful engines and has improved performance at high altitude and in hot temperature conditions. This derivative also features a higher maximum take-off weight (10,846 lb vs. 10,580 lb). Deliveries of this model began in November 2002 with the Hong Kong Government Flying Service becoming the first operator.


The EC155 B features a completely redesigned cabin providing 30% more passenger space than previous Dauphin helicopter models, plus a 130% increase in baggage hold volume. Other major improvements include a five-blade Spheriflex composite main rotor combined with the familiar shrouded Fenestron tail rotor to reduce vibration levels significantly. The EC155 B is powered by two 635 kW (851 shp) Turbomeca Arriel 2C1 turboshaft engines mounted over the luggage hold, which feature a dual-channel Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) system. The EC155 B1 features uprated 697 kW (935 shp) Arriel 2C2s. The helicopter can be fitted with an anti-icing system to enable the aircraft to operate in very cold climates. The all-glass cockpit is equipped with an 'Avionique Nouvelle' integrated digital flight control system featuring Eurocopter's Vehicle and Engine Management Display (VEMD), which utilizes active matrix liquid crystal displays. The EC155 is also equipped with a four-axis digital autopilot, coupled to the engine FADECs for full-envelope protection, and is offered with a Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS).

Eurocopter designed the EC155 originally with three configurations, however, another two configurations were added in 2005. The Passenger Transport version can carry 12 passengers in comfort seats or 13 passengers in utility seats, along with 1 or 2 crew. The VIP or Corporate Transport version has a VIP lounge with working space accommodating up to 8 executives. The Casualty Transport version can carry 2 stretchered patients with up to 4 seated medical staff, or 4 patients on stretchers plus 2 seated medical staff. The configurations added in 2005 were for Offshore operation and Police & Parapublic missions ranging from patrol, airborne surveillance, SAR and EMS, the helicopter being fitted with specific mission equipment for these duties.

Operational History


* EC155 - The first prototype, rebuilt from a Dauphin.
* EC155 B - The first production version, powered by two Turbomeca Arriel 2C1 turboshaft engines.
* EC155 B1 - A more powerful model equipped with two Turbomeca Arriel 2C2 turboshaft engines and higher M.T.O.W., offering enhanced hot/high performance
* AS565 UC - Designation of early military derivative study


* 4 EC155 B1s in service with Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL), used for offshore operations to ferry workers to and from Caspian Sea oil rigs, and to transport passengers. [ [ Eurocopter Press Release - Azerbaijan Airlines Orders 6 Helicopters From Eurocopter] ]

* 2 EC155 B1s in service with CITIC Offshore Helicopter Corporation, used to support an offshore platform in the South China Sea. The two helicopters were purchased for US$24.7 million in 2004. [ [ Eurocopter Press Release - Eurocopter Delivers An EC155 B1 Helicopter To CITIC Offshore Helicopter Corporation Ltd] ]
* 1 ordered by the Shanghai Public Security Bureau in 2007, to be used for police air patrol and reconnaissance missions in Shanghai. [ [ Eurocopter Press Release - Shanghai Public Security Bureau Signs Contract With Eurocopter For 3 Helicopters] ]

* 3 EC155 B1s in service with [ DanCopter] for offshore operations. [ [ Eurocopter Press Release - The Scandinavian Operator HTG Picks Up Its First Offshore EC 155 B1] ]

* 15 EC155 Bs are in service with the Bundespolizei (German Federal Police) and based with their Police Helicopter Squadron in Baden-Württemberg. [ [ EADS N.V. - German Federal Border Guard Becomes World's Largest Operator Of EC135 and EC155] ]
* 1 in service with [ Heli Unionair] in the VIP 4-8 seat configuration, with tables plus a bar, based in Nuremberg and used for charter across Europe. [ [ Eurocopter Press Release - HELI UNIONAIR Purchases Super-VIP EC 155 For Charter Throughout Europe] ]

* 4 EC155 B1s in service with the Hong Kong Government Flying Service based at the International Airport and used for government missions. (Originally bought 5, but one (tail number B-HRX) crashed in 2003.) [ [ Eurocopter Press Release - The Hong Kong Government Flying Service Receives The Last Of Its Five EC155 B1 Helicopters] ] [ [ Aircraft Accident Report 1/2006, Civil Aviation Department, Hong Kong Government] ]

* 02 EC155B1 with Kingfisher Airlines; India's largest scheduled airline. Used for charter and non scheduled purposes.
* 01 EC155 B1s with Global Vectra Helicorp Limited. Used for offshore and corporate purposes. Photo is of Global Vectra's EC155 B1 at the Paris Air Show

* 1 EC155 B1 in service with [ Heli Air Monaco] / [ Monacair] in a 6-seater VIP configuration, used for VIP flights and passenger transportation from the heliport in Monaco. [ [ Eurocopter Press Release - Eurocopter Delivers An EC155 B1 Helicopter To The Principality Of Monaco] ]

* 6 EC155 Bs in service with Shell Nigeria in the 12-seat passenger configuration, used to transport personnel and materials supporting oil & gas activities in Nigeria. The helicopters, operated by Bristow Helicopters, are also equipped with a Health & Usage Monitoring System (HUMS), external life rafts and provisions for SAR duties, including as a hoist, FLIR and searchlight equipment. [ [ Eurocopter Press Release - Shell Petroleum Development Company Ltd. Receives Its First EC155 B] ]

* 3 EC155 Bs in service with Samsung. [ [ Eurocopter Press Release - A Successful 2003 For Eurocopter] ]

* 2 EC155 B1s in service with the Royal Thai Police in the VIP configuration, based at their headquarters in Bangkok. The two helicopters cost €21 million in 2004 and are used to transport VIPs. [ [ Eurocopter Press Release - Two EC155 B1s For The Royal Thai Police] ]

* 1 owned by Fred Drasner, co-publisher of the New York Daily News and CEO of U.S. News & World Report, in the corporate configuration.
* 1 owned by Wayne Huizenga, owner of the Miami Dolphins. [ [ Aviation Week News - Eurocopter Claims Strong Sales, Wants To Do Better In Business] ]

pecifications (EC155 B1)

aircraft specifications

plane or copter?=copter
jet or prop?=prop

ref= {}cite web |url=|title=Eurocopter EC155 B1 Technical Data |accessdate=2007-07-15]

crew=1 or 2 (pilots)
capacity=13 passengers
length main=14.30 m
length alt=46.91 ft
span main=12.60 m
span alt=41.34 ft
height main=4.35 m
height alt=14.27 ft
area main=
area alt=
empty weight main=2,618 kg
empty weight alt=5,772 lb
loaded weight main=4,950 kg
loaded weight alt=10,913 lb
useful load main=2,301 kg
useful load alt=5,072 lb
max takeoff weight main=4,920 kg
max takeoff weight alt=10,846 lb

engine (prop)=Turbomeca Arriel 2C2
type of prop= turboshafts
number of props=2
power main=697 kW
power alt=943 shp
power original=

never exceed speed main=324 km/h, 201 mph
never exceed speed alt=175 kts
cruise speed main=280 km/h, 174 mph
cruise speed alt=151 kts
stall speed main=
stall speed alt=
range main=857 km, 532 mi
range alt=463 nm
max range main=985 km,612 mi
max range alt=532 nm
ceiling main=4,572 m
ceiling alt=15,000 ft
climb rate main=8.9 m/s
climb rate alt=1,766 ft/min

ee also

* Aérospatiale Dauphin
* HH-65 Dolphin
* Eurocopter Panther

similar aircraft=
* Kamov Ka-60
* Agusta A109
* Bell 430
* Sikorsky S-76


* List of helicopters
see also=


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* [ Eurocopter EC 155 B Technical Data Manual]
* [ Eurocopter EC 155 B1 Technical Data Manual]
* [ Aerospace Technology - Eurocopter EC 155]
* [ Flug Revue Online - Eurocopter EC 155B1 (AS 365N4 Dauphin)]

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