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developer = Insomniac Games
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engine = Insomniac's Proprietary PS3 Engine
released = vgrelease|EU= November 21st vgy|2008cite web | url = | title = LBP, Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 dated for Europe | publisher = videogaming247 | date = 2008-03-26 | accessdate = 2008-03-26] |NA=November 4th, vgy|2008
genre = First-person shooter
modes = Single-player (1 player) Online Co-op (1-8 players) Offline Competitive (1-4 players) Online Competitive (1-60 players)
ratings = vgratings|BBFC= |ESRB=M |OFLCA= |OFLCZ= |PEGI=18+
platforms = PlayStation 3
media = Blu-ray Disc
input = Gamepad
resolution = 720p [ [ Resistance 2 at 720p, 30fps] , Eurogamer]

"Resistance 2" is an alternate history first person shooter video game currently under development by Insomniac Games and to be published by SCEA exclusively for the PlayStation 3.cite web | url = | title = Previews: Resistance 2 | publisher = 1up | date = 2008-02-04 | accessdate = 2008-04-08 | first = Phillip | last = Kollar ] The game is the sequel to the best-selling PlayStation 3 launch title "".

In "Resistance 2", the Chimera have launched a full scale invasion on both the east and west coasts of the United States. Protagonist Nathan Hale joins "The Sentinels," a special task force of soldiers who are also resistant to the Chimeran virus. Hale will fight the Chimera in various locations in the United States with "The Sentinels" as he fights the Chimeran virus inside himself.


"Resistance 2" will feature two campaigns. A single player campaign which will follow the story of Nathan Hale, and an up to eight player online co-operative (or two player split screen) campaign that will have a storyline running parallel to Hale's campaign. In the co-op campaign there will be three classes: the medic, the soldier, and special ops, each with different specialized abilities. The player will get to level up their characters to unlock new guns and character skins. The player can play as any three and will not lose any progress if they switch class, the max level one of the classes can reach in 30. Both campaigns will also include boss battles. One of the bosses is the Leviathan, a massive Chimera that stands over 300 feet tall. [ GameSpot Forums - PlayStation 3 - Tons of new Resistance 2 details!!! ] ] The cooperative online campaign will support up to 8 players online. The online competitive multiplayer aspect of the game will support up to 60 players online in squad based groups in a mode called "Skirmish." [cite web | url = | title = Game Informer Reveals Resistance 2 | publisher = Kotaku | first = Mike | last = Fahey | date = 2008-01-11 | accessdate = 2008-01-11]

The game will feature 12 new Chimeran enemies, including the "Chameleon" (which can cloak itself completely, charge toward you, and kill the player in one hit) and the "Grim" (a melee fighter that attacks in hordes, similar to the Gray Jack in the first game), and the "Fury" (a creature that lurks in the waters). During the E3 2008 trailer a fourth new enemy was shown, the "Ravager" (which has both a Auger-like weapon and a energy shield). In addition, enemies like the Stalker and Hybrids will be returning with modifications. [cite video | url= | title=Resistance 2 - Insomniac Careers Video | |publisher=GameTrailers | date=2008-02-20 | accessdate=2008-02-21] [cite web | url = | title = Insomniac tells more about Resistance 2 in podcast | publisher = | date = 2008-01-19 | accessdate = 2008-05-17]

There are ten currently known weapons in "Resistance 2". These will be wielded in pairs instead of getting to choose from multiple weapons. The L23 Fareye, Bullseye, M5A2 Folsom Carbine, Auger, LAARK, and Rossmore 236, will be returning with some new modifications. The XR-005 Hailstorm, however, will not be returning. [cite video | url= | title=Resistance 2 Gametrailers Premier |publisher=GameTrailers | date=2008-06-14accessdate=2008-06-14] New weapons include a long range battle rifle called "The Marksman," a .44 Magnum revolver with explosive bullets as secondary fire, a Chaingun called the Wraith that has a secondary fire option that allows it to act as a shielded sentry gun, and "The Splicer," a rifle-like firearm with a large circular blade on the front which the player can rev up to launch deadly spinning and superheated blades that slice through multiple enemies. [cite web | url = | title=GC 2008: More Resistance 2 Details Filter In | publisher = IGN | date = 2008-08-22 | accessdate = 2008-08-22] [cite web | url = | title = PlayStation Day: Resistance 2 Hands-on | publisher = IGN | date = 2008-05-06 | accessdate = 2008-05-23] [cite web | url = | title = Resistance 2: Ted Price Interview | publisher = IGN | date = 2008-05-12 | accessdate = 2008-05-23] Resistance 2 will support PS3 trophies when released.The trophy list has been revealed with a total of 39 trophies, these cover single player, co-op and online comptetive. They also give more insight into the game such as intel will still be collected, there is a collactable called gray-tech (still unknown whats it does but most likely upgrades your online character), who the bosses are and also that co-op will be split down into regions which then have a certain set of missions in each. The online maps for Resistance 2 will be up to four times larger than the online maps of "Resistance: Fall of Man". [ [] ]



The plot is a direct continuation of the "" storyline. The game begins from the ending of "Resistance Fall of Man" taking place just outside of London, England, with Hale walking through a snow covered field, armed with only a single grenade, when a VTOL aircraft spots Hale and transports him to the Dan Aric Johnson Air Force Base in Iceland. When the VTOL lands the U.S. Black Ops Soldiers attempt to subdue Hale. When Hale willingly gives in and goes with the soldiers he is once again subdued, this time in the aircraft. Hale resists this time until one of the soldiers pulls out a pistol and is told to relax. Hale arrives at the base and discovers that there are others like him that are resistant, or at least semi-resistant, to the Chimeran virus. These men, called the Sentinels, have been collected here from around the world, by SRPA, to help protect one of the few safe remaining countries. At some point the base comes under attack by the Chimeran Forces. On May 15, 1953, the Chimera launch a full scale invasion of the United States, [] attacking with their huge aerial fleet of battleships, transports, and fighters on both the East and West coasts.


The plot of "Resistance 2" will drop the third person narration and follow the role of Nathan Hale, who is now a lieutenant and leader of Echo squad, as well shed new light on the origins and goals of the Chimera. [cite web | url = | title = Sony Playstation Day Recap | publisher = Insomniac Union | first = ronin90 | date = 2008-05-06 | accessdate = 2008-05-10] Captain Rachel Parker will not be returning in "Resistance 2", and the Cloven are involved in the war against the Chimera, but will not be in the United States. [ GameSpot Forums - PlayStation 3 - Tons of new Resistance 2 details!!! ] ]


The game was officially announced in the February 2008 issue of Game Informer with a North American release of November 4th 2008 and a later announcement for a European and Australian release in November 2008.cite web | url = | title = Insomniac Unveils Resistance 2: Fall 2008 Release, 8-player Online Co-op, 60-person Online MP | publisher = Shacknews | date = 2008-01-11 | accessdate = 2008-01-11 | first = Chris | last = Faylor ] cite web | url = | title = LBP, Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 dated for Europe | publisher = videogaming247 | date = 2008-03-26 | accessdate = 2008-03-26] The first teaser trailer had its debut during the April 11, 2008 edition of GameTrailers TV, which also told of a trailer featuring gameplay to arrive on June 13, 2008 only on GameTrailers.cite video | url= | title=Resistance 2 - Exclusive Debut Teaser | |publisher=GameTrailers | date=2008-04-11 | accessdate=2008-04-12] Despite the claims of the marketing boss of SCE, Scott Steinberg, and SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida, Insomniac has not confirmed that the game will be put onto a 50GB Blu-ray DL. [cite web | url = | title = Sony: Resistance 2 is About A 50Gig Game | publisher = N4G | date = 2008-03-20 | accessdate = 2008-03-26] [cite web | url = | title = Thinking of you | publisher = | date = 2008-07-15 | accessdate = 2008-07-21]

"Resistance 2" was showcased at Sony's E3 2008 press conference. A trailer was shown with footage of the Leviathan boss battle. The game's multiplayer was playable on the show floor, and single-player was shown in Sony's lounge. [ [ The Big E3 List: 2008 Edition] ]

The game previously featured a prototype weapon called the Tapper, which "would shoot tubes, and when it hit it would create a blood fountain," but this weapon was ultimately cut from the game. ["Resistance 2": Fighting For Your Country," "PlayStation The Official Magazine" 13 (November 2008): 60.]


Project Abraham

The marketing campaign centers around [ Project Abraham] , which is a top-secret military project under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of War.

Initially, specific details on the nature and purpose of the project was very bare and mysterious, though with time additional content added onto the website (in concurrence with the Project's latest developments) that reveals the purpose of the project: It is a research initiative designed to eradicate the Chimera virus, that is currently infecting Europeans by the millions. It lasts over the next two months, with a SRPA team of biochemical experts formulating several permutations of serums to be used on human volunteers in an attempt to discover the vaccine against the plague. The findings were ultimately inconclusive. Other purposes are to learn more about and better understand the virus. The next phase of the project is the collect all the immune soldiers together as an elite super-soldier task force code-named "Sentinels", dedicated to fighting off the impending Chimera invasion while the bulk of the U.S. population is safely secured in the Liberty Defense Perimeter.

The primary characters are Colonel Grant Thompson and Doctor Cassandra "Cassie" Aklin (played by Katee Sackhoff, and is also the protagonist; with all written and recorded content either directed towards or generated by Aklin so far), but other characters, civilian, military or otherwise are mentioned. The other main characters are seven soldiers who volunteered for the project from different army units, all brought together at the Project Abraham Compound in Alaska (the specific location is classified). The test subjects include Captain Frank Anthony Gennaro, 1st Lieutenant Glenn Albert Khaner, Lieutenant Kenneth Danby, Sergeant Channing Brown, Sergeant Keith Todd Oster, Sergeant Nathan Hale, and Private Joseph Capelli.

Apart from the project itself, the files and videos reveal the personal situation with the project's personnel; the soldiers, willing to endure the possibility of death, have detailed history, military careers and personality profiles (collected by Aklin), which often reflects in their actions towards others. More information about Hale's history, family and military career are revealed as well.

Other websites

A second website named [ America first America only] is the website of an organization called the "Alliance For American Autonomy." The Alliance is a group of radicals bent on exposing the U.S. Government and its secrets to the public. The site shows a small dark area with a printing press, and an office containing a news board, news clippings, the alliances newsletter/paper, file cabinets, and a "tip box". The Alliances newsletter/paper is published every Friday. When a new article is posted the old ones are stored in the file cabinets for reference and can be viewed at any time. The newsletter/paper gets most of its information from "agents," people who have submitted SrpaNet codes through the Tip Box. The latest update for the site has seemed to have ransacked the area and shows a letter that seems to have been written in a hurry.

A third website named [ Get A War Job] has been discovered and can be accessed directly from Project Abraham. On the site a typewriter is shown along with pro and anti-war posters, cards, pamphlets, and a document which you can fill out and possibly cause events to happen in the future such as a phone call or further information about the site/sites. The business card to the left may be called, toll free, to hear an inspirational recruiting message for the military. The latest update for the site seems to have burned nearly everything in view and the registration form is no longer available.

A fourth website named [ SrpaNet] has also been discovered. It is an old computer interface in which the Project Abraham staff and the U.S. Government use. So far hidden and overt serial codes, found in various places on Project Abraham, have lead to hidden documents and images relating to the Chimera and what is known about them.

Collector's Edition

The collector's edition, which will include a hardcover art book, special cover art, an in-game weapon skin, and an action figure of the game's alien-human hybrid race, the Chimera. ["Resistance 2": Collector's Edition," "PlayStation The Official Magazine" 13 (November 2008): 64.] Also included is a bonus DVD with a behind-the-scenes featurette, a video detailing the game's alternate historical timeline, and a digital copy of issue #0 of the Resistance comic book from DC Comics subsidiary Wildstorm. [citeweb|url =|title = Resistance 2 News] This collector's edition is only for US residents.


The new PS3 trophy feature has been confirmed for Resistance 2. The game will feature 39 trophies (including the platinum), a full list can be seen at [citeweb|title = Resistance 2 Trophy List|url = ]


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