The Clawed-Agent
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The Clawed-Agent Ink Drawing 2005
Publication information
Publisher Saturn Comics
First appearance Boots & Heels #1
(November 1996)
Created by William Valle
In-story information
Alter ego Charles Peterson Jr. (Comic)
Bill Valiant (Film)
Team affiliations The Agency (Boots & Heels)

Bullet deflection
Wall climbing
Cuts through metal

Claw-Jitsu Master

The Clawed-Agent is an underground superhero by Saturn Comics created in 1995 by William Valle. Since then, there have been four comic book series, and three movies based on the character. He made his first appearance in an underground comic book called Boots & Heels, in issue #1. A spinoff series was created soon after, that coincided with the events occurring in Boots & Heels. The series only lasted two issues; until the Clawed-Agent received his own ongoing series in late 1997. The Clawed-Agent comic book series ran from 1997-2007. Over the time lapse; the series had several title changes, from; HollyWood Comics, to The Agents of Holly Wood, The Clawed-Agent, and finally The Clawed-Angel.

Dressed all in black with a cape and a fedora, the hero had large metallic claws for hands ensuing the name. The gauntlets he wore were able to cut through objects, help him climb walls, and deflect bullets. Based on a sort of modern day Zorro, this chrome-fingered crime fighter would carve his initials into a particular crime scene before he fled, letting the authorities know the Clawed-Agent had struck.

Many different designs of the character had originated in its ten year span. The earliest one had him dressed in a tuxedo, with a purple bowler and cape; using a cane as a weapon. One depicted the character wearing a black mask with just two small white eye holes, and a large gold lined cape. Later renditions lost the mask, and gave him sunglasses, and a trench coat; similar to characters from The Matrix. Later during The Clawed-Angel era, he donned a white suit, and trench coat. Some illustrations even gave the character angel wings and a halo.


Fictional character biography

Boots & Heels

Boots & Heels Special Edition Issue #0 2005
Alternate Timeline
Created in the early-1990s, the comic series told the story of two future themed, time traveling secret agents from the year 3067, who had to stop a bomb from destroying the Earth in the year 1982. Similar to the Fox show Sliders, the story found the heroes traveling not only through time; but dimensions as well, in search for the bomb. One of the few male and female superhero teams, Boots & Heels, owe their names to their apparel. The male wore military combat boots, and the female wore stiletto heels. Sporting a Ying Yang inspired mask, the characters true identities were never revealed throughout the duration of the comic. The series however was short lived, with a total of only six issues.

The Clawed-Agent was a secondanry character in the series, as he worked with Boots and Heels as a secret agent for an undercover organization referred to as "The Agency". In this series (also set in the year 3067), the Clawed-Agent found himself fighting a familiar foe; "The Director". This Director however was completely different from versions seen later in The Clawed-Agent series, as the villain had long blonde hair, and a half cybernetic body. (oppose to the business suit, and cybernetic eye he would have later.)


The Agent (1950s)

Originally based in Holly Wood Land, California during the 1950s, the Clawed-Agent was first named "The Agent". The entire series was a parody of actors and actresses of the time, as the comic reflected cetian clichés, and the glitz and glamour of Holly Wood after World War II. "The Agent" was in reference to a talent agent; this being Charles Peterson's job during the day, and an "Agent" referring to a secret agent; that Charles would become at night when he became the superhero. The series boasted a lot of these double entendres, as the main villain known as "The Director" was the underground crime boss of Holly Wood Land. The villain "The Boom Operator" was a pyro technics expert, who rigged exposions for the sets of movies. "The Stunt Double" looked exactly like the Agent, referring to him as his "understudy". The Agent even had a sidekick known as "The She-Agent", who in actuality was Charles Peterson's wife, Carol. In the spirit of the Golden Age of Comics. The original Agent series was hokey, often dealing with gangsters, and kidnappings. It wasn't nearly as dark in tone or subject matter as its later counterpart: the Clawed-Agent.

The Clawed-Agent (1980s)

Updated as an 1980s themed superhero, the Clawed-Agent comic was much grittier than before. Similar to Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, The comic had lost its campy undertone, and told harder hitting, edgier stories. Taking place in New York City, The Clawed-Agent (aka Charles Peterson Jr.) was the grown-up son of Charles, and Carol Peterson. By this time, Charles Jr. had become a famous actor, living in a Manhattan high rise apartment building. Donning the cape and fedora as his father did, Charles Jr. now added a pair of silver gauntlets to complete his outfit. Although the themes, and subtext had changed, the characters remained the same. The Director was now the mob boss of NYC, and sported a half cybernetic face, which shot a laser out of its eye. (making things difficult for Clawed-Agent, as this was the one thing he could not deflect with his claws) Other villains were also updated, such as Stunt Double, and the Boom Operator. Stunt Double's name changed to "The Double-Agent", in an attempt to move away from the previous series. The Double-Agent now wore a completely white suit, and had become a hitman for the Director. The contrast of black, and white with the Clawed-Agent's, and the Double-Agent's identical costumes can be seen largely in comparison to Mad Magazine's Spy vs. Spy. In another attempt to modernize the series, the Boom Operator now wore goggles, and carried a large cannon over his shoulder, shouting "BOOM!!" whenever he fired it. The She-Agent was still present, but was now Charles' girlfriend, Jessica Foxx. With stiletto heels, and sunglesses, this heroin had the biggest design change from her 1940s predecessor. Towards the end of the series, the stories had a turn toward the supernatural side, and started introducing new characters that hadn't been seen before. One was the ghost of a samurai warrior named "Claud-Ang Stung", who would teach Charles Jr. the art of Claw-Jitsu. The other was a villain named "Dante Lazerus" (who was supposedly Satan), Dante Lazerus was based primarily on Ras al Ghul from Batman, in the sense that Dante had lived forever, and wanted to take over the world. "Lazerus" actually refers to the lazarus pit where Ras was resurrected. The last issue of the series had the Clawed-Agent killed as he tried to protect the She-Agent from the Boom Operator's blast. This story actually conflicts with the alternate Boots & Heels timeline, in which the Clawed-Agent actually dies by throwing himself, and the Director from the Statue of Liberty, in an attempt to finally rid the world of his arch enemy. Regardless of which continuity is the actual one, the result was the same; The Clawed-Agent would come back as the Clawed-Angel.

The Clawed-Angel (2000s)

Set some twenty years after the death of the Clawed-Agent, the Clawed-Angel is resurrected to deal with a now destroyed, apocalyptic New York City. While in his absence, The Clawed-Angel soon realizes that Jessica Foxx had been killed while battling NYC's greatest villain, "The Omega Phantom". Resembling Destro from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, the Omega Phantom has an all chrome metal face, and red trench coat. Also in the series, zombie versions of the Clawed-Agent's earlier villains appear. Such as: "The Demontor" (the Director), "Douple-Agent" (Double-Agent), and "Doom Operator" (Boom Operator). It was soon discovered that the Omega Phantom was in fact Dante Lazerus. With the help of Claud-Ang Stung, the Clawed-Angel defeats Dante by pulling him down into hell, as Claud-Ang Stung seals the gateway forever. This marked the end of the series in 2007.

  • Note

In the Boots & Heels timeline, Boots goes back in time to the day before the Clawed-Agent is killed, and saves him from the Boom Operator's blast. Boots then convinces The Clawed-Agent to come back, and work with him in the future. This story line nullifies the Clawed-Angel saga, as it sets up an alternate timeline in which the events with the Omega Phantom never occur.


Comic book

‎ In issue #3 of HollyWood Comics, a talent agent by the name of Charles Peterson found his way onto a locked set on stage 13. There he overheard mob boss Don Rafilio putting a hit out on Holly Wood's most notorious director, Max Xanathose. Charles had plans later that night to go out to dinner with his wife Carol. Although he didn't want to get mixed-up in Max's illegal affairs, Charles fealt he should warn Max about what he heard. As Charles and Carol enter the restaurant later that night, Charles notices Max is there too. He assumes this would be a good time to warn him about the supposed hit. While Charles is in the bathroom washing his hands, he hears gunfire. He pokes his head out the door to see three men in masks, shooting the restaurant apart. One of them shoots Max in the face through the eye. Realizing that the hit is going down now, it was too late to warn Max, but Charles must act quickly; as now he must save his wife from the masked gunmen. In Issue #4 of HollyWood Comics, Charles ducks into a coat room, where he finds a bowler, a cape, a cane, and a party mask. Putting this on over his tuxedo, Charles then transformed into "The Agent". He then stops the gunmen and saves Carol. It is later realized that Max survived the attack. Puppeteering the underground racket under the alias "The Director", Max later has Rafilio killed, and assumes control of the mob. It wasn't until Holly Wood Comics #16 that the Director would receive his trademark laser eye. Soon after; a new villain by the name of "Stunt Double" would make an appearance. After kidnapping Carol as an attempt to find out the Agent's secret identity; Charles realizes that he can't keep secrets from her anymore, and recruits her as "The She-Agent". From this point on the series changed its title to The Agents of Holly Wood.

This story is similar to that of Batman#595, in which Bruce Wayne's father, Thomas Wayne masqueraded as a bat at a costumed fundraiser. When several gangsters entered the party, and tried to kidnapp Wayne, Thomas dove into them fighting them off; referring to himself as "The Bat-Man" The impressionable Bruce admired his father's outfit and asked if one day he might be able to wear such a fearsome costume. Thomas had no idea how prophetic the innocent question truly was. This parallel can be made as Charles Peterson's son would eventually become "The Clawed-Agent".

  • Note

(Elements of this story are used in all three Clawed-Agent films. In Genesis Bill puts a costume together in a coat closet. In The Clawed-Agent, Max Xanathose is shot through the eye, resulting in his laser eye attachment. And, in Clawed-Agent 2, Carol Peterson is replaced with Jessica Foxx, as the woman Bill is trying to protect.)


The movie origin is similar to the comic, but different in many ways as well. The main difference is The Clawed-Agent's true identity. For the films "Charles Peterson" was changed to "Bill Valiant". This was a pseudonym for the creator, William Valle. Other changes were Carol's name, which changed to Jessica Foxx. However, the character remained the same, as Jessica Foxx would still become the She-Agent. The name Carol was kept, but given to Bill's long lost sister; A character who was introduced for the first time in Clawed-Agent 3 (aka Genesis). Although Carol was now his sister, she also played the part of "CLaud-Ang Stung" (the ancient Claw-Jistu master). It is explained that Bill, and Carol were the hidden love children of President John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. In the movie, Carol approaches Bill to tell him that his destiny in life is to become a "defender of the city". She then gives him a pair of ancient claws to use as his weapon. The film later depict Bill using the claws to deflect a bullet into Max's eye during the restaurant shoot-out (causing the need for Max's laser eye replacement).

  • Note

There are two references attributed to the name Max Xanathose. The first being Thanatos, of early Greek mythology. The other refers to David Xanatos, the villain from ABC's cartoon Gargoyles (TV series).

Saga timeline

The Agents of Holly Wood

(HollyWood Comics #1, 1997) While shooting a movie, mysterious deaths begin to occur on the set of a film being directed by Holly Wood mogul, Max Xanathose.
(HollyWood Comics #2, 1997) When actor Victor Rios refuses to act in a new multi million dollar movie, Max must take matters into his own hands, and offers Victor the role of a lifetime.
(HollyWood Comics #3, 1997) Talent agent Charles Peterson overhears that Max Xanathose is going to be killed by mob boss Don Rafilio, because Max is suspected of stealing form the don.
(HollyWood Comics #4, 1997) Charles goes out to dinner with his wife Carol. While they're out, Max Xanathose enters the same restaurant. Moments later, three masked gunmen come in and shoot Max through the eye. Charles disguises himself in a cape, and mask, and stops the gunmen in the restaurant.
(The Agent of HollyWood #5, 1998) Max survives the attempt on his life. Charles now assuming the guise of "The Agent" investigates further.
(The Agent of HollyWood #6, 1998) A mob boss known only as "The Director", has Don Rafilio killed, and is puppetteering the criminal underground.
(The Agent of HollyWood #7, 1998) The Agent finds out that Max Xanathose is in fact the Director, and forces him to leave town.
(The Agent of HollyWood #8, 1998) A man known only as "Stunt-Double" enters Holly Wood, and seeks to destroy The Agent.
(The Agent of HollyWood #9, 1999) Charles' wife Carol is kidnapped, by Stunt-Double.
(The Agent of HollyWood #10, 1999) Tracking down Stunt-Double to a warehouse, The Agent finds his wife submerged, and chained in a tank of water. Stunt-Double gives The Agent the option to free his wife in exchange for his secret identity.
(The Agent of HollyWood #11, 1999) The Agent stops Stunt-Double before exposing himself. He then rescues Carol and reveals to her his secret identity; that he is in reality her husband, Charles Peterson.
(The Agents of HollyWood #12, 1999) Carol Peterson becomes the She-Agent. However, her over zealous actions allow Stunt-Double to escape.
(The Agents of HollyWood #13, 1999) She-Agent must now prove herself a worthy crimefighter in order to continue as The Agent's partner.
(The Agents of HollyWood #14, 2000) When a movie set explodes during filming, the Agents investigate coming to the conclusion that this may be the work of The Director.
(The Agents of HollyWood #15, 2000) Stunt-Double returns to Holly Wood in a final attempt to eliminate the Agents. Charles reveals Stunt-Double's true identity; that he was once famed movie actor, Victor Rios.
(The Agents of HollyWood #16, 2000) When the Agents capture Stunt-Double they uncover the truth; that he had secretly been working for The Director. The Director appears out of the shadows, now with a laser eye attachment.
(The Agents of HollyWood #17, 2000) The Agents apprehend The Director in what would be their last duel. Charles, and Carol Peterson then retire from crimefighting, as Carol finds out she is pregnant. Max Xanathose, and Victor Rios swear revenge, as they're transported to a maximum security prison in New York. (Last Issue)

The Clawed-Agent

(Takes place 35 years after the events in The Agents of Holly Wood.)

The Clawed-Agent Illustration 2006

(The Clawed-Agent #1, 2001) Actor Charles Peterson Jr. moves to New York City, with his girlfriend Alice Monroe. Max Xanathose and Victor Rios are released from prison after both serving 35 year sentences. Charles builds industrial strength steel claws, to update his fathers costume.
(The Clawed-Agent #2, 2001) Xanathose swears revenge on his arch nemesis' son, Charle Peterson Jr. In an effort to send him a message, an attempt is made on Alice Monroe's life. The Clawed-Agent arrives just in time to save her.
(The Clawed-Agent #3, 2001) While patrolling the streets of NYC, The Clawed-Agent is confronted by a man referring to himself as "The Double-Agent". The Double-Agent tells The Clawed-Agent that he was hired by an old friend to kill him. The two duel above the streets of New York until the Double-Agent eventually escapes.
(The Clawed-Agent #4, 2002) The Clawed-Agent tracks down The Double-Agent to the Empire State Building, where he witnesses him reporting to Max Xanathose (aka The Director). The Director escapes as The Clawed-Agent engages in battle with The Double-Agent.
(The Clawed-Agent #5, 2002) The Clawed-Agent stabs The Double-Agent through the heart, killing him. Meanwhile, The Director abducts Alice, and brings her to Grand Central Terminal, as bait to lure Charles Peterson Jr. to his demise.
(The Clawed-Agent #6, 2002) When The Clawed-Agent confronts The Director at GCT, The Director shoots Alice point blank in the head, killing her in front of Charles' eyes. As Charles is grieving, The Director uses this as an opportunity to escape. The Clawed-Agent then follows The Director to the top of the Pan Am Building where The Director is waiting for him. The Director then throws himself at The Clawed-Agent in an attempt to push him off the building. The Clawed-Agent grabs The Director pulling him over the ledge with him. The Director falls to his death, while The Clawed-Agent uses his claws to grasp onto the side of the building.

(The Clawed-Agent Redemption One Shot Graphic Novel, 2003) While grieving over the loss of his now dead girlfriend, Charles retires from the film industry, and travels the world in hopes of becoming the ultimate fighting champion; to ensure that what happened to Alice would never happen again. In Japan he comes across an old temple, where he is visited by the ghost of an ancient samurai warrior named "Claud-Ang Stung". She teaches him the art of "Claw-Jitsu", and tells him that he is only one of many "Agents of the night"; a secret society of defenders who have protected humanity for over nine hundred years, and that he is following in the foot steps of many great men. She then warns him that the next time he is faced with a life and death situation, that he must choose wisely; for one day the innocent will return to haunt him.

(The Clawed-Agent #7, 2003) While visiting Alice's grave, Charles is haunted by the image of a man he had never seen before. Moments later, Grand Central Terminal is blown up. A man calling himself "The Boom Operator" claims responsibility. Later that night Charles, and his new girlfriend Jessica Foxx arrive at a new club called Perdition, Charles was invited as a guest of honor by the restaurant's owner, "Dante Lazerus"
(The Clawed-Agent #8, 2003) When Dante arrives, Charles is stunned to find that the image of the man he thought he saw at Alice's grave was in fact Dante Lazerus. Before Charles can say anything, The Boom Operator breaks into the club threatening to blow it up, unless The Clawed-Agent appears to fight him. (Max Xanathose had employed The Boom Operator as a pyro technician 35 years earlier to help him destroy a movie set {* see The Agents of Holly Wood #14.} The explosion left The Boom Operator half blind with brain damage. He then wanted to extract his revenge on Max for being the cause of his scarring. However, do to the Clawed-Agent's interference, this task became impossible. The Boom Operator therefor held The Clawed-Agent responsible for not being able to complete his mission; and sought retribution through killing him instead.) Acting fast, Charles, and Jessica work together to detain The Boom Operator.
(The Clawed-Agent #9, 2004) Impressed with Jessica's capabilities, Charles teaches her how to fight, proclaiming her the new She-Agent. However Charles suspects that Dante had something to do with the encounter he had made with The Boom Operator the night before. When Charles investigates he comes to the conclusion that Dante had set everything up, in what he had hoped to be the death of The Clawed-Agent.
(The Clawed-Agent #10, 2004) In one last attempt to drive out The Clawed-Agent, The Boom Operator threatens to blow up Times Square. Having no choice but to confront him, The Clawed-Agent, and The She-Agent arrive to try and stop him. During he battle, The She-Agent, is knocked to the ground. While she is off balance, The Boom Operator takes aim to try and kill her. As he does The Clawed-Agent jumps in front of the blast, sacrificing himself to save her. Distraught over the recent turn of events, The She-Agent leaps up and uses the Boom Operator's own device to electrocute him; killing him. The series ends with Jessica visiting Charles' grave, and Dante sitting in a high-rise office building overlooking Manhattan, grinning. (Last Issue)
(The Clawed-Agent Prophecy One Shot Graphic Novel, 2004) The day before The Clawed-Agent's showdown in Times Square, he is visited by two time traveling secret agents from the year 3067, by the names of "Boots" and "Heels". They warn him that he will be killed if he decides to fight The Boom Operator the next day. They then show him a newspaper from the following day depicting the events unfold as they foretold it would. Boots then describes the future to The Clawed-Agent, in which the Earth has been destroyed by a man known as "Robust", and because The Clawed-Agent was one of the great warriors of the twentieth century, he has been recruited to work for an organization known as "The Agency", in the future. The Agency's only goal is to prevent the destruction of the Earth. Understanding that the world would miss him regardless of his actions against The Boom Operator, The Clawed-Agent reluctantly agrees to go with them. In the same issue, a large mysterious robot is seen digging up the grave of Max Xanathose. The epilogue reveals a large amount of New York Police Department squad cars surrounding The Boom Operator in Times Square. As they proceed to shoot him, he falls to the ground laughing, pressing the detonator; destroying himself, and Times Square.

  • Note

Charles Peterson Jr. was based on John F. Kennedy Jr. This is also reflected in Charles' girlfriend's name, Alice Monroe. It was felt that by portraying the lifestyle of a famous celebrity, the character would appear to be more realistic. (Similar to a real life Bruce Wayne.) This was achieved a different way in the movie, as Bill Valiant was the illegitimate son of President John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe.

The Clawed-Angel

(Takes place 20 years after the events in The Clawed-Agent.)

Film trilogy

The Clawed-Agent

Clawed-Agent 2 (aka CA2)

Clawed-Agent 3 (aka Genesis)

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