Southern Italian

Southern Italian

name=Italiano meridionale (Southern Italian)
region=Abruzzo, Apulia, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Lazio, Marche, Molise.
speakers=approx. 5 million
iso1=it|iso2=ita|lc1=ita|ld1=Italian|ll1=Italian language|notice=nonotice

Southern Italian ("Dialetti italiani meridionali") is a group of Italo-Western Romance dialects spoken in Southern Lazio, Southern Marche, Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, Basilicata, Apulia, and Northern Calabria. The differences between these dialects are slight, they are closly related to Neapolitan language and all are mutually intelligible with each other. Most of these are Italian dialects affected by a samnite substratum.

The following dialects are part of Southern Italian [ [ Pellegrini's groups] ] :
* Abruzzese orientale and Marchigiano meridionale
**"Southern Marchigiano" (Fermo, Ascoli Piceno)
**"Teramano" (province of Teramo, northern province of Pescara: Atri)
**Eastern Abruzzese or "Abruzzese adriatico" (Southern province of Pescara: (Penne, Francavilla al Mare), province of Chieti
*Western Abruzzese (southern part of province of L'Aquila: Pescina, Sulmona, Pescasseroli, Roccaraso)
* Molisano (Molise)
* Campano (Campania)
** "Laziale meridionale" (southern part of province of Frosinone: Sora, Cassino; southern part of Province of Latina: Gaeta, Formia)
** Neapolitan language (Napoli and Gulf)
** "Irpino" (province of Avellino)
** "Cilentano" (southern part of province of Salerno: Vallo della Lucania)
* Pugliese
** "Dauno" (western province of Foggia: Foggia, Bovino)
** "Garganico" (eastern province of Foggia: "Gargano", Vieste, Manfredonia)
** "Barese" (province of Bari, western province of Taranto: Gioia del Colle).
*Lucano and Calabrese
** North-western Lucanian (northern province of Potenza: Potenza, Melfi).
** North-eastern Lucanian (province of Matera: Matera, Gravina di Puglia)
** Central Lucanian (province of Potenza: Lagonegro, Pisticci, Laurenzana)
** “Lausberg Area” (archaic forms of Lucanian with Sardinian vocalism), between Calabria and Basilicata (Chiaromonte, Oriolo)
**Northern Calabrese (northern province of Cosenza: Rossano, Diamante, Castrovillari)


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