Treasury Board Secretariat

Treasury Board Secretariat

The Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) is the administrative branch of the Treasury Board of Canada. The role of the secretariat is to support the Treasury Board as a committee of ministers, and to fulfill the statutory responsibilities of a central government agency. TBS provides advice to Treasury Board ministers in the management and administration of government.

TBS functions as the government's management board, oversees the operations of the federal government as a whole, and serves as the general manager and employer of the federal Public Service. TBS is also responsible for the comptrollership function of government, providing oversight of the financial management functions in departments and agencies.

It is headed by a Secretary, Wayne G. Wouters (as of 2004), who reports to the Honourable Vic Toews, President of the Treasury Board. Pierre Poilievre is the Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Treasury Board.

TBS offices are located primarily in the L'Esplanade Laurier office complex in Ottawa, though there are several smaller offices elsewhere in Ottawa, as well as regional offices throughout Canada.

Current Structure of Treasury Board Secretariat
* President of the Treasury Board
**Secretary of the Treasury Board
***Comptroller General of Canada
****Assistant Comptroller General
***Senior Associate Secretary
***Associate Secretary
****Assistant Secretary, Corporate Priorities, Policy and Renewal
****Assistant Secretary, Strategic Communications and Ministerial Affairs
****Assistant Secretary, Pensions and Benefits Sector
****Assistant Secretary, International Affairs, Security and Justice Sector
****Assistant Secretary, Corporate and Administrative Shared Services Initiative
****Assistant Secretary, Economic Sector
****Assistant Secretary, Expenditure Management Sector
****Assistant Secretary, Labour Relations and Compensation Operations
****Assistant Secretary, Social and Cultural Sector
****Assistant Secretary, Government Operations Sector
****Assistant Secretary, Regulatory Affairs
****Assistant Secretary, Transformation Alignment Office
****Assistant Secretary, Climate Change Review and Sustainable Development
****Chief Information Officer
****Assistant Deputy Minister, Corporate Services Branch

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