Lake Mainit

Lake Mainit
Lake Mainit
Lake Mainit
Coordinates 9°28′N 125°31′E / 9.467°N 125.517°E / 9.467; 125.517Coordinates: 9°28′N 125°31′E / 9.467°N 125.517°E / 9.467; 125.517
Lake type Oligotrophic Freshwater lake
Primary inflows 28 creeks and rivers
Primary outflows Calinawan River
Catchment area 87,072 ha (870.72 km2)
Basin countries Philippines
Max. length 29.10 km (18.08 mi)
Surface area 17,340 ha (173.40 km2)
Average depth 128 m (419.95 ft)
Max. depth 223 m (731.63 ft)
Water volume 18.00 km3 (4.32 cu mi)
Shore length1 62.10 km (38.59 mi)
Surface elevation 42 m (137.80 ft)
Settlements Mainit
References [1][2]
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.
Lake Mainit looking south from the northern shore

Lake Mainit is the fourth largest lake in the Philippines, having a surface area of 173.40 square kilometers.[2][3][4] The lake is also the deepest lake in the country with maximum depth reaching 223 meters.[2][5] It is located in northeastern part of Mindanao and shared between the provinces of Surigao del Norte and Agusan del Norte.



The name of the lake is a Cebuano word "mainit", which means hot.[6]

Flora and fauna


Animals & Fishes

  • Animals
  1. Mindanao Scoop Owl
  2. Mindanao Savannah Night Jar
  3. Mindanao Himalayan Swiftlets
  4. Mindanao Forest Kingfishers
  5. White-breasted Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster)
  6. Monkeys
  7. Wild pigs
  • Fishes
  1. "Casili" (Anguilla spp.)
  2. Mudfish, "hayuan" or "halwan" (Channa striata)
  3. Gurami (Gourami belontiidae)
  4. "Bolinao" (Neosthethus thessa)


Municipalities bordering the lake

Municipalities within Lake Mainit's watershed


Further reading

  • A Directory of Philippine Wetlands. Vol I, compiled by Davies, J. et al. (Asian Wetland Bureau Philippines Foundation, Inc, 1991)
  • Webpage on Lake Minit (cited part available online)

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