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Origin = Bergen, Norway
Genre = Black metal
Viking metal
Years_active = 1992 - present
Label = Massacre Records
Karisma Records DA
Dark Essence Records
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Helheim is a Viking black metal band from Norway.


Helheim was founded in 1992 by V’gandr and H’grimnir. Their line-up with V’gandr on bass and main vocals, and H’grimnir on lead guitar and vocals, was complete with the addition of drummer Hrymr.

The band began performing on local Bergen festivals with the purpose of gaining recognition and live experience. In 1993, the band released their debut demo titled "Helheim", whose distribution stayed mainly within Norway.

Soon after the release of their first demo, the band began working on new material. Nidhogg, who had joined after the release of the first demo, left the band again, as he was not able to commit 100% to the band. In mid-1994, the band's second demo “Nidr ok Nordr liggr Helvegr” (Netherwards and Northwards lies Helheim) was released, and caught the attention of German label Solistitium( now Millennium Music).

The band signed to the label and releasing their debut album “Jormundgand”( The Midgard Serpent) which was recorded in Grieghallen in 1995. In 1996, Helheim followed up with a European Tour. After the tour, the band began work on recording their second album, “Av Norrøn Ætt”(Of Norse Lineage). With the release of the second album, the band's contract to Solistitium Records was fulfilled, and the band was without a label for a rather long period.

Finally in 1999, the label Ars Metalli got in touch with Helheim, wanting to sign them for a one-album contract. The band members were initially apprehensive that the mainly underground label would be able to promote them adequately, they were eager to begin work on new material. After the band signed to the label, they were joined by Lindheim on synthesizer and Thorbjørn on lead guitars.

Utilizing a new producer, Odd Kronheim of the S.J.E.F Studio, the band recorded the MCD “Terrorveldet”(The Realm of Terror), in addition to releasing their first full-length album called “Blod & Ild”(Blood & Fire). Both albums received acclaim from the Norwegian Metal press, the international press, and metal scenes. The CD also included their first music video for the song “Jernskogen”(The Ironforest), taken from the “Blod & Ild” release, as a multimedia show when inserted in a PC or MAC.

In 2001, the band attempted to publish another MCD, “Helsviti” (Hell’s Punishment), but due to difficulties with Ars Metalli, the release was post-posted indefinitely.

Despite this, the band returned to Grieghallen to begin work on their next full-length album, “Yersinia Pestis”. Massacre Records took the responsibility of releasing and distributing the album, which was well-received by both critics and fans. Due to a lack of promotion, however, the album didn't reach many audiences outside of Norway. Massacre Records had initially agreed to publish the previously-recorded MCD “Helsviti” as well, however this never came about.

In 2005, Lindheim decided to leave the band. In June 2006, the band released their 5th full length album, called “The Journeys and Experiences of Death”. The album's concept focused mainly on the Vikings' beliefs concerning death. The first 2,000 copies of the album were published through local label Dark Essence Records as a Double Digipack, which included the release of the MCD “Helsviti”.


tudio Releases

* "Jormundgand" [CD/LP] - (1995)
* "Av Norrøn Ætt" [CD] - (1997)
* "Terrorveldet" [MCD] - (1999)
* "Blod og Ild" [CD] - (2000)
* "Yersinia Pestis" [CD] - (2003)
* "The Journeys and the Experiences of Death/Helsviti" [Double CD/ Digi-Pack/ limited to 2000 copies] - (2006)
* "The Journeys and the Experiences of Death" [CD] - (2006)
* "Kaoskult" [CD] - (2008)


Current members

*Hrymr - Drums and Programming (1992-)
*V’gandr - Bass and Vocal (1992-)
*H’grimnir - Guitar and Vocal (1992-)
*Noralf - Guitar (2008-)

Former members

*Nidhogg (1993-1994)
*Lindheim - Synth (1999-2005)
*Thorbjørn - Guitar (1999-2008)

External links

Official Website

* [http://www.helheim.com/ Helheim] official website
* [http://www.myspace.com/helheimnorway Helheim@MySpace] official MySpace website

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