Paraguayan Civil War

Paraguayan Civil War

The Paraguayan Civil War was a conflict in Paraguay that lasted from March to August 1947.

In 1940, President Higinio Morínigo suspended the constitution and banned political parties. Resistance to his rule took the form of general strikes and student riots. In 1946, Morínigo legalized political activity and formed a cabinet with the Febreristas and the Colorado Party. The Febreristas resigned from the coalition on January 11 1947, angry that Morínigo seemed to be favouring the Colorados.

The Febreristas made common cause with the Liberal Party and the Paraguayan Communist Party. Rafael Franco led a rebellion which became a civil war as the Paraguayan armed forces, which had previously remained loyal, split, with almost all the navy and sections of the army joining the rebels. Morínigo, supported by the Colorado Party, including Alfredo Stroessner, fought back and eventually gained the upper hand, and had won back almost complete control of the country by August 1947.

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