Wee Waa, New South Wales

Wee Waa, New South Wales

Wee Waa (pronounced "Wee War") (coord|30|12|S|149|26|E|region:AU-NSW_type:city(2500)) is a town with a population of 1,689 people (2006 census)Census 2006 AUS | id = UCL182200 | name = Wee Waa (Urban Centre/Locality) | quick = on | accessdate = 2008-06-01] located in central northern New South Wales, Australia in Narrabri Shire Council. It is located on the Namoi River and lies 571 kilometres northwest of Sydney on the Kamilaroi Highway. Wee Waa is the oldest established town in this area and is the birthplace of the commercial cotton industry in Australia. It claims the title "Cotton Capital of Australia".

To protect it from floods, the entire town is protected by a levee bank.

The town has a multi-function Sports Complex, which acts as a de facto Community centre


The Wee Waa News is published weekly, by the nearby Narrabri Courier. A small newsletter, the [http://www.weewaa.com/Document1.aspx?id=489 Wee Waa Ink] is published within the town itself. National Christian Narrowcaster, Vision FM broadcasts on 87.6FM in Wee Waa.There are plans to add a radio studio in 2007, from the Narrabri Shire Community Radio station, 2MAX FM. This project is currently supported by several business houses within the town.

It was in Wee Waa police station that Eddie Murray was killed in 1981, one of the Aboriginal deaths in custody that prompted a Royal Commission to be set up to investigate them.


The main sport around Wee Waa is Rugby League, the name of the town's club is The Wee Waa Panthers.This is also Jamie Lyon's home club in which he played for up until his international career. Lyons later left his professional career with the Parramatta Eels to return for a season with the Wee Waa Panther's. The 1st-grade team went on to win that year against Moree, 55 to 12.


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