Tkuma (political party)

Tkuma (political party)

Tkuma ( _he. תקומה, "Resurrection") is a right wing political party in Israel. It is currently part of the National Union.


Tkuma was established in 1998 when Hanan Porat and Zvi Hendel left the National Religious Party. At first the new party was named "Emunim" (Hebrew: אמונים, "Trust"), but was later renamed Tkuma. Together with Moledet and Herut – The National Movement they formed the National Union, which won four seats in the 1999 elections.

For the 2003 elections Yisrael Beiteinu joined the National Union (though Herut left), with its increased support helping to win 7 seats. The party was included in Ariel Sharon's coalition alongside Likud, Shinui, the National Religious Party and Yisrael BaAliyah.

Because of tensions over the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip (Tkuma was ideologically opposed, particularly because Hendel lived in the Gaza settlement of Gush Katif), National Union ministers Binyamin Elon and Avigdor Lieberman were sacked, the former after attempting to avoid his fate by hiding, and the party left the coalition. However, the National Union was bolstered by the addition of Ahi which had split off from the National Religious Party when they decided remained in the coalition.

Before the 2006 elections Yisrael Beiteinu left the alliance to fight the election alone. However, at the last minute the National Religious Party decided to join the alliance, which won nine seats, two of which were allocated to Tkuma and taken by Hendel and Uri Ariel.

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