Liu Zhiming

Liu Zhiming

Zhiming Liu, born in Hebei Province, China, is a computer scientist. He studied Mathematics in Luoyang, Henan Privince in China and got his first degree in 1982. He then did his master degree in Computer Science at the Institute of Software, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), under the supervision of Prof. Zhou Chaochen in 1986–1988.

He then went to the University of Warwick (UK) to work as a research fellow, and obtained his PhD with the thesis Fault-Tolerant Programming by Transformations, under the supervision of Prof. Mathai Joseph.

After his PhD, he worked as a guest scientist at the Department of Computer Science, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby in 1991–1992. Then he came back to University of Warwick and worked as a postdoc research fellow on formal techniques in real-time and fault-tolerant systems till October 1994 when he became a university lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Leicester (UK). He joined UNU-IIST as a research fellow in 2002, and he is now a senior research fellow at UNU-IIST.

Zhiming Liu's main research interest is in the areas of formal methods of computer systems design, including real-time systems, fault-tolerant systems, object-oriented and component-based systems. His research results have been [ published] in the main stream journals and conferences. Zhiming Liu's work on fault-tolerance gives a formal model that defines prceisely the notions of fault, error, failure and fault-tolerance, and their relations. It also gives the properties that models of fault-affected programs and fault-tolerant programs in terms of model transformations. His recent work on formal methods and tools for object-oriented and component-based system development. Zhiming Liu has recently developed formal method of component-based model driven software design, called rCOS (

Zhiming Liu is the founder of International Colloquium on Theoretical Aspects of Computing ( [ ICTAC] ) and the International Workshop on Formal Aspects of Component Software ( [ FACS] ). He has served as a PC chair for a number of conferences and [ PC members] of a number of conferences. He has also edited a number of books.

Zhiming Liu is married to Hong Zhao with two sons, Kim Chang Liu and Edward Tanze Liu. They are currently living in Leicestershire and studying in Loughborough Grammar School (UK).

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