Standard Assessment Procedure

Standard Assessment Procedure

The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) is the UK Government's recommended method system for measuring the energy rating of residential dwellings. [cite book |title = Approved Document L1A: Conservation of fuel and power (New dwellings) (2006 edition) | publisher = Department for Communities and Local Government | date = 15 March 2006 | id = ISBN 978 1 85946 217 1] The first version was published in 1995, to be replaced by newer versions in 1998, 2001 and 2005. It calculates the typical annual energy costs for space and water heating, and, from 2005, lighting. The CO2 emissions are also calculated.

SAP 2005 has been used as the basis for checking new dwellings for compliance with building regulations in the United Kingdom requiring the conservation of fuel and power since 6 April 2006 (England & Wales: L1 Approved Document), 1 November 2006 (Northern Ireland Technical Booklet F1) and 1 May 2007 (Scotland Technical Handbook 6, Domestic).

A simplified version of SAP 2005, RDSAP, will be used to produce the energy report and Energy Performance Certificate in Home Information Packs (HIPs). A new document was published by the UK Government in 2007, looking towards SAP and energy standards in the future. [cite book | title = Building Regulations: Energy efficiency requirements for new dwellings - A forward look at what standards may be in 2010 and 2013 | publisher = Department for Communities and Local Government | date = 23 July 2007 | id = 07 HC 04748/F]


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* [ Department for Communities . . . "Building Regulations: Energy efficiency requirements for new dwellings - A forward look at what standards may be in 2010 and 2013"] (accessed 21 February 2008).

* [ UK Building Regulations - Full text of the regulations in .pdf format - UK Government "Planning Portal" site] (accessed 21 February 2008)

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