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Tetovo ( _mk. Тетово, Audio-IPA|Mk-Tetovo.ogg| [ˈtetovɔ] ; _sq. Tetova, Tetovë; _tr. Kalkandelen) is a city in the northwestern part of Macedonia, built on the foothills of Šar Mountain and divided by the Pena River.

The city covers an area of convert|1080|km2|sqmi|0|abbr=on at convert|468|m|ft|0|spell=us above sea level, with a population of 86,580 citizens in the municipality. [ [http://www.stat.gov.mk/pdf/kniga_13.pdf 2002 Census results] ] . It is home to the State University of Tetovo and South East European University. The city of Tetovo is the seat of Tetovo municipality.


According to a legend Tetovo means "Teto's place" and, according to myth, the town was named after the legendary hero Teto, who supposedly cleared the town of snakes. Another etymology of the name Tetovo is that it comes from the Slavic word "hteti" meaning: wanting, wanted. Hence, the name Tetovo comes from its original roots Htetovo or a "place where we want to live".Fact|date=September 2008 The initial /h/ sound was regularly lost in Macedonian. The Albanian variant is a direct adaptation of the original Slavic name (see "-ovo/-evo").

The name of the city in Turkish is "Kalkandelen". Kalkan is a kind of wooden rooftop, as this was the way all the houses were built centuries ago.


Although there have been inhabitants in Tetovo's area as early as the Bronze Age, after the major Slavic migration to the Balkans during the 6th and 7th centuries, Tetovo became an Orthodox Slavic settlement founded around the Church of Sveta Bogorodica (Saint Mother of God) in the 14th century.Sveta Bogorodica was built in the 13th century when Tetovo began to be regarded as a major Christian center. Tetovo was the first center of the Orthodox episcopate. The oldest settlement in Tetovo is the region around the Sveta Bogorodica Orthodox Church called Gorno Maalo. The modern city of Tetovo grew from this small medieval Orthodox Slavic settlement of Htetovo with the building and construction of houses around the Orthodox Church.Soon after other Orthodox churches, such as the neighboring St. Petka and St. Nedela (recently restored) churches, were built across the river Pena in Koltuk Maalo.

At the end of the 14th century, Tetovo, with the rest of Macedonia, fell under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. During Ottoman Turkish rule and occupation, Tetovo was also referred to as the “episcopal religious place Htetovo”, an Orthodox religious center; the seat of the Orthodox Church and domicile of the Orthodox religious leader. As the Muslim population in Macedonia began to expand in the early Ottoman period mosques, baths, and markets began to appear as early as the 15th century. The Colored or Painted Mosque (Aladzha or Sharena Dzamija), also known as the Pasha Mosque, was built in 1459 by the Ottoman Turks. Tetovo under Ottoman tutelage became an important trade center for the local farmers and craftsmen, as well as an important military fortification. Turkish influence deeply impacted Tetovo and it was renamed Kalkandelen to reinforce the new Islamic presence. Haci Halife in the 17th century noted in his writings that Kalkandelen was expanding at an amazing rate in its lowland areas. By the 19th century, when the population of Tetovo began to increase with settlement from the surrounding villages, the French traveller Ami Boue noted that the population had reached about 4,500 people.


The Sarena Dzamija mosque is located near the Pena river in the old part of town. The mosque was built in 1495 and rebuilt 1833 by Abdurrahman Pasha, the son of Rexhep Pasha.The Monastery of Lešok with the churches of St. Athanasius and of the Church of the Holy Virgin are only convert|8|km|mi|0|spell=us away from Tetovo, by the road leading to the village of Brezno. The Church of the Holy Virgin, built in 1326, is an excellent example of Byzantine style and architectural tradition. The church has three layers of frescoes. The 1st and bottom layer is from the first time of construction, the second and middle one was added sometime in the 17th century, and the third and top layer was added in 1879. Several marble columns from the original church can still be seen in the Tetovo museum. The church of St. Athanasius was built in 1924 next to the church of the Holy Mother of God. In the yard of the Monastery of Lešok is the tomb of the cleric, writer and enlightener Kiril Peichinovich, who was born in 1770. In his honor, this monastery hosts an International Meeting of Literary Translators. Tetovo is also a host to the Festival of the Macedonian Choirs.

Famous people born in Tetovo


The majority of Tetovo's residents are ethnic Albanians who amount to 60,886 according to the last Macedonian census held in 2002 [http://tetova.gov.mk/meni.asp?lang=shq&menuid=10] . The second largest ethnic group in the city are Macedonians (20,053). Other groups include Roma (2,357), Turks (1,882), Serbs (604), Bosniaks (156), Vlachs (15), and others (627).


Tetovo is represented in the Macedonian First League by the football clubs FK Shkendija 79 and FK Renova. FK Teteks and FK Drita play in the Macedonian Second League.

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External links

* http://www.tetovo.gov.mk/
* http://www.cdnh.edu.mk/Proekti/multimedija2007/kirilpejcinovik2/inter.htm - web page for Kiril Pejchinovic - Tetoec
* [http://www.vratnica.5u.com Vratnica] - A village near Tetovo

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