Kitchen sink

Kitchen sink

:"For the plumbing fixture, see sink."

*"Everything but the kitchen sink" is an English phrase used to denote wildly exaggerated inclusion. It is used in phrases such as, "He brought everything but the kitchen sink." It may also be rendered as, "Everything and the kitchen sink." In this case, "He brought everything and the kitchen sink." The kitchen sink is occasionally used as a visual gag in some illustrations, television programs, and other forms of visual media, again to denote a level of excess. "Kitchen Sink Politics" refers to a comprehensive and aggressive attack strategy against an opponent.
*"Chained to the kitchen sink" is a British phrase meaning confined to household drudgery.

Kitchen sink may also refer to:

* Kitchen sink realism, a recognisable British cultural movement in the late 1950s and early 1960s.
* Kitchen Sink Press, an independent comic book publisher.
* "Kitchen Sink," a 1989 short film by Alison Maclean.
* "Kitchen Sink" (magazine), a quarterly arts and culture magazine in the San Francisco Bay Area
* kitchen sink syndrome known as Scope creep in project management

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