List of the largest trading partners of the United States

List of the largest trading partners of the United States

As of December 2007 and according to the US Census, the ten largest trading partners of the United States represented 64.87% of U.S. Imports, and 58.67% of U.S. Exports in goods. The largest partners with their total trade in billions of US Dollars are as follows:

*Canada: $561.55
*China: $386.75
*Mexico: $347.34
*Japan: $208.13
*Germany: $144.02
*United Kingdom: $107.19
*South Korea: $82.27
*France: $69.00
*Taiwan: $64.66
*Saudi Arabia: $46.03

Note that the top ten is established on basis of trade during the month of December. During that month, Saudi Arabia was the tenth largest trade partner, although some other country may have a total trade higher than 46.03 billions of US Dollars. Venezuela, for example, had a total trade of 44.96 billions of Dollars up to November 2007 [ [ Top Ten Countries with which the U.S. Trades, November 2007] ] . Complete data is not available.


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