Sky (disambiguation)

Sky (disambiguation)

The sky is the area above Earth.

Sky or SKY may refer to:


* Sky Channel, several television channels and radio channels
* British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) and Sky Digital is a British television network.
** Sky Sports, a British pay television network that broadcasts sport-related programming, including the English Premiership:
** Sky Movies, a British pay television network that broadcasts movies with 12 channels.
** Sky Magazine, a magazine sent free of charge to BSkyB's subscribers.
* SKY Italia, News Corporation's Italian digital satellite service
* SKY Latin America is a satellite television carrier for Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia.
* Sky Mangel, a character from the Australian television soap opera "Neighbours"
* SKY Network Television in New Zealand
* SKY Perfect, Japan's main provider of satellite television access.
* "Sky" (TV serial), a British children's television series of the 1970s
* "Sky" (Malaysian TV series), a Malaysian Chinese "idol drama"
* Sky Tate, a character from the "Power Rangers" television series universe


* Sky (band), a British progressive rock band, fronted by John Williams
* Sky (US band), an American country rock band
* Sky (Canadian band), a Montreal pop music duo
* "Sky" (album), an album by J-pop artist Yui Horie
* "Sky" (song), a 2000 breakbeat single by Sonique


* "Sky & Telescope", an amateur astronomy magazine
* SkyEurope, an airline
* Skymark Airlines, an airline with ICAO code SKY
* SKY magazine, a UK entertainment magazine published between the late 80s and June 2001.
* Spectral karyotype (SKY technique), a molecular cytogenetic technique for matching chromosomes to colors for visualization
* Chicago Sky, a WNBA team chartered in 2006
* SKY (universities), a collective nickname for the three most prestigious universities in South Korea
* Saturn Sky, a two seat roadster manufactured by Saturn
* Sky Lopez (Corrie Floris), an American pornographic actress, model, and now hip hop artist.
* Sky Financial Group Inc. (also "Sky Bank"), a banking service in the Midwest since bought out by Huntington Bancshares Inc.
*TheSky, astronomy software

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