List of Weapon X members

List of Weapon X members

Weapon X is a fictional covert operations program, as published by Marvel Comics.

The roster consists of two parts. The first part lists the characters in nominal positions of control of the program. The second part lists the characters the program has used either as agents, or as experimental subjects.

The codenames listed under Character are those used during the time frame that the character was a part of the program. Characters with more than one codename for that period have them listed chronologically and separated by a slash (/). Bolded names are the current program members and agents.

First Appearance is the place where the character first appeared as a member of the program. It is not necessarily the first appearance of the character in print, nor the story depicting how the character joined the program.

All information is listed in publication order first, then alphabetical.

Weapon X Staff

*Ajax (Francis) ["Deadpool" #14 (January, 1998)] - a cyborg who was empowered and trained at the Weapon X facility; former enforcer of Dr. Killebrew; nearly killed in the past by Deadpool but recovered and slaughtered other survivors of Weapon X to track down Deadpool; apparently killed by Deadpool ["Deadpool" vol. 3 #19] .
*Abraham Cornelius ["Marvel Comics Presents" #73] - Currently deceasedissue
*The Director (Malcolm Colcord) ["Wolverine" vol. 2, #166 (2001)] - scarred by Wolverine; current whereabouts unknown
*Dr. Duncan ["Weapon X: Agent Zero"] - current whereabouts unknown
*Carol Hines ["Marvel Comics Presents" #72] - in charge of monitoring and recording the Adamantium bonding process; killed by Aldo Ferro ["Wolverine" vol. 2 #50]
*Brent Jackson ["Weapon X" #½] - former S.H.I.E.L.D.; defected to Weapon X and eventually became Director; current whereabouts unknown.
*Madison Jeffries ["Alpha Flight" #16] - former member of Alpha Flight, Gamma Flight and the Zodiac; retain his superhuman powers after the M-Day event; current whereabouts unknown.
*Dr. Killebrew ["Deadpool" vol. 2 #1] - a geneticist; he mutated many of the subjects including Deadpool; former commander of Ajax who would later kill him ["Deadpool" vol. 3 #19]
*Professor (Thornton) ["Marvel Comics Presents" #72] - directed the bonding of Adamantium to Wolverine who later would cut his hand off; later killed by Silver Fox ["Wolverine" vol. 2 #50]
*John Sublime ["New X-Men" Annual 2001] - current whereabouts and status unknown
*Robert Windsor (Mr Sinister) ["Uncanny X-Men" #221 (September 1987)] - A guise taken by Mr Sinister; currently deceased; killed by Mystique through Rogue ["New X-Men" vol. 2 #46]
*Dr. Zira ["Weapon X: Agent Zero]

Weapon X Agents

*Weapon X/Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett) ["The Incredible Hulk" #181 (November 1974)] - Concurrent member of Alpha Flight; later member of X-Men, Fantastic Four, the Secret Defenders and currently the New Avengers
*Silver Fox ["Wolverine" vol. 2, #10, (August, 1989)] - later an agent of HYDRA; currently deceased.
*Shiva ["Wolverine" vol. 2, #50] - current whereabouts and status unknown
*Jack-in-the-Box (Jack) ["Weapon X: The Draft - Sauron" #1] - current whereabouts and status unknown
*Native ["Wolverine" vol. 3, #13 (April, 2004)] - currently deceased
*Aurora (Jeanne-Marie Beaubier) ["Uncanny X-Men" #120 (April, 1979)] - Former member of Alpha Flight; later member of the 198; current whereabouts unknown.
*Chamber (Jonothon Evan "Jono" Starsmore) ["Generation X" #1 (September, 1994)] - Former member of Generation X and the X-Men; depowered after M-Day; currently a member of the New Warriors as Decibel
*Copycat (Vanessa Geraldine Carlysle) ["New Mutants" #98 (February, 1991)] - currently deceased
*Deadpool (Wade T. Wilson) ["New Mutants" #98(February, 1991)] - mercenary; later registered with the Initiative.
*Kestrel (John Wraith) ["Wolverine" vol. 2 #60] - currently deceased
*Kimura ["New X-Men" vol. 2 #31] - current whereabouts and status unknown
*Marrow (Sarah) ["X-Men: Prime"] - former member of the Morlocks, Gene Nation and the X-Men and later, X-Cell; depowered after the M-Day
*Maverick/Agent Zero (David North) ["X-Men" (vol. 2) #5 (February 1992)] - depowered after the M-Day
*Mastodon ["Wolverine" vol. 2 #48] - currently deceased.
*Mesmero (Vincent) ["Uncanny X-Men" #49 (October, 1968)] - depowered after the M-Day
*Reaper (Pantu Hurageb) ["New Mutants" #87(March, 1990)] - Former member of the Mutant Liberation Front and X-Cell; depowered after the M-Day; repowered by Quicksilver [Son of M #6]
*Sabretooth (Victor Creed) ["Iron Fist" #14 (August, 1977)] - later member of the Marauders, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, X-Men and X-Factor; beheaded by Wolverine
*Sauron (Dr Karl Lykos) ["Uncanny X-Men" (Vol.1) #59] - former member of the Savage Land Mutates and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants; current whereabouts unknown.
*Slayback (Gregory "Greg" Terraerton) ["Deadpool: The Circle Chase" #1 (June, 1993)] - former member of Department K; currently deceased
*Washout (John Lopez) ["X-Force" #129 (June, 2002)] - currently deceased and remains were taken by Mister Sinister
*Weapon X (Garrison Kane) ["X-Force" #2 (September, 1991)] - currently deceased
*Wild Child (Kyle Gibney) ["Alpha Flight" #1 (Augst, 1983)] - later and former member of Gamma Flight, Alpha Flight and X-Factor; depowered after the M-Day
*Wildside (Richard Gill) ["New Mutants" #86 (February, 1990)] - Former member of the Mutant Liberation Front; depowered after the M-Day
*X-23 (Laura Kinney) ["NYX" #3 (February, 2004)] - later member of the New X-Men and X-Force; genetic clone of Wolverine.
*Wildcat (Noel Higgins) ["Wolverine" vol. 2 #50] - current status and whereabouts unknown.
*Vole (Aldo Terra) ["Wolverine" vol. 2 #50] - current status and whereabouts unknown.
*Worm Cunningham
*R. Hoek


*Weapon 0 ["X-Men" vol. 2 #130] - classified
*Weapon I ["X-Men" vol. 2 #130] - volunteer
*Weapon II ["X-Men" vol. 2 #130] - animal
*Weapon III ["X-Men" vol. 2 #130] - animal
*Weapon IV ["X-Men" vol. 2 #130] - an unnamed ethnic minority
*Weapon V ["X-Men" vol. 2 #130] - an unnamed ethnic minority
*Weapon VI ["X-Men" vol. 2 #130] - an unnamed ethnic minority
*Weapon VII ["X-Men" vol. 2 #130] - a kidnapped mutant
*Weapon VIII ["X-Men" vol. 2 #130] - a kidnapped mutant
*Weapon IX ["X-Men" vol. 2 #130] - a kidnapped mutant


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