Virtual Memory (game show)

Virtual Memory (game show)

Virtual Memory is a game show broadcast on Trinity Broadcasting Network. It has been on the air since 2000. It is hosted by Jamie Alexander. All questions on Virtual Memory are related to the Bible.

Virtual Memory airs without commercials, opting instead to show highlights from past episodes and short skits starring "Zip Buzz B," who does the contestant plugs, and "Megabyte Mike," who introduces the prize plugs. Both are played by host Alexander.


Two teams of three players compete, each representing a church or youth group. Each team has a captain, who gives all the correct answers after their team confers and plays an important role in the final round.

Round 1: The Speed Round

Individual contestants go one-on-one at the center podium; the player who buzzes in with the correct answer scores 100 points for his/her team. If the player buzzes in with the incorrect answer or runs out of time, the player on the other team gets a chance to answer the question correctly. However, if they both are wrong or run out of time, another question is asked; both players stay put until one person buzzes in with the correct answer. The player who buzzes in with the correct answer to the "BONUS QUESTION" scores 200 points for his/her team. This round is similar to the first two rounds of "The One Way Game", which also was produced by TBN.

Round 2: Contemporary Christian Music Videos

Contestants are shown music videos by various Christian artists. The goal is to correctly identify either the artist or song title scores 100 points. If the team can correctly identify both, they score 150 points. However, if the team is incorrect, their opponents get a chance to identify the artist and/or song title; they have a chance to score those points. If nobody can immediately come up with an answer, then Jamie gives the title and three choices for artist; a correct answer is then worth 100 points.

Round 3: Crosswords

The host picks a line from an 8-word crossword puzzle to ask a question from. If a team buzzes in with the correct answer, they score 150 points. However, if no one gets it the first time the host gives a clue to the right answer. If the team who buzzes in gets it wrong, the host turns to the other team, and gives and the other team confers. If no one gets the question right, the line is filled with the correct answer, and another question from the line picked by the host is asked. When a team gets the question right, they get a chance to confer on a follow-up question, where the captain picks a line for the host to ask a question from. If the captain comes up with the correct answer, their team scores an extra 150 points; if the captain is wrong, the host goes to the other team's captain and gives him/her a clue about the right answer. If neither captain gets the question right, the line gets filled in with the correct answer, and the host picks another line to ask a question from. Play continues until time is called and/or all the lines are filled in.

Round 4: Categories

Four categories are displayed, and the team in the lead picks one to be played. 5 questions are asked in each category. In the 1st category chosen, each correct answer is worth 150 points. In the 2nd category, questions are worth 200 points; in categories 3 & 4, each correct answer is worth 250 points. And there are "BONUS QUESTIONS" hidden in each category that are worth double the category's value. Play continues until time is called or all four categories are used.

Round 5: Team Clues

This is the final round where each captain is given a card with a list of secret words. S/he then has 45 seconds to give as many clues to make his/her teammates say as many words as they can. For each secret word guessed correctly, the team scores 200 points, but each time the captain skips a word or commits a foul, 100 points are deducted. The team with the most points at the end of this round wins the game. Both teams receive a basic prize package for appearing on the show, but the winning team receives additional prizes on top of that. This round is similar to the front game of Pyramid.

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