Witness argument

Witness argument

The witness argument is an argument that is meant to help prove the existence of God, based on the assumption that many people have claimed to have personal experience with God.


In the Old Testament bible there are many accounts of interactions with god. God walked and talked with Adam and Eve and gave them specific instructions. Later god tried to reason with Cain about his anger and selfishness. God talked to Noah, and the same was true of Abraham. God also revealed himself to Moses and the people of ancient Israel. At Mount Sinai in Exodus, God offered the Jews a direct relationship but they refused and pleaded for more distance. Soon after God was revealing himself only through chosen prophets.


Within Christianity the apostles' martyrdom is cited as strong evidence that their experience of the resurrection was genuine.

Minor world religions

Joseph Smith, Jr claimed to have a god-inspired experience when translating the Book of Mormon.

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