Ayatollah (disambiguation)

Ayatollah (disambiguation)

Ayatollah may refer to the following:
* Ayatollah, title given to Shi'a "mujtahids".
* Ruhollah Khomeini, usually referred to as "the Ayatollah"
* Supreme Leader of Iran, usually referred to as "the Ayatollah of Iran"
* Ayatollah Khamenei, the current "Supreme Leader of Iran"
* Ayatollah Sistani, sometimes referred to as "the Ayatollah of Iraq" or "the grand Ayatollah of Iraq"

Ayatollah may also refer to:
* Ayatollah (producer), Lamont Dorrell, better known as "Ayatollah", a Hip hop producer.
* Chris Jericho, a professional wrestler nicknamed "Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah".
* The Ayatollah (football celebration), a football celebration used by Cardiff City.

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