George Sanford (scholar)

George Sanford (scholar)

George Sanford is a British scholar. He holds the position of Senior Lecturer in Politics, University of Bristol, England. He is an academic specialist in Polish and East European Studies. He has also published several books and numerous articles and chapters in ten books and commented on Polish affairs for the mass media.


*"Polish Communism in Crisis", 1983
*"Military Rule in Poland: The Rebuilding of Communist Power, 1981-1983", 1986
*"The Solidarity Congress 1981: The Great Debate", 1990
*"Democratization in Poland, 1988-1990: Polish Voices", 1992
*"Building Democracy?: The International Dimension of Democratisation in Eastern Europe" (ed.), 1994
*"Historical Dictionary of Poland", 1994
*"Poland: The Conquest of History", 1999
*"Democratic Government in Poland : Constitutional Politics Since 1989", 2002
*"Katyn and the Soviet Massacre of 1940: Truth, Justice and Memory", 2005

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