Life in Your Way

Life in Your Way

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Name = Life In Your Way

Img_capt = Josh Kellam, lead vocalist of Life In Your Way, performs at Cornerstone Festival 2007.
Background = group_or_band
Origin = Manchester, Connecticut, USA
Genre = Post-hardcore Melodic hardcore Metalcore
Years_active = 1999–2008
Label = Solid State Records Indianola Records Floodgate Records
Current_members = Josh Kellam Jeremy Kellam Todd Mackey John Gaskill Corey Stroffolino
Past_members = James Allen Andrew Bradley Dave Bullock Jason DiNitto John Young Dave Swanson Casey McCue

Life In Your Way was a Christian melodic hardcore band from Connecticut. They recorded and self-released a four song demo "All These Things Tie Me Down" in 2002. Their first full-length album, "The Sun Rises and the Sun Sets... and Still Our Time is Endless", was released in (2003), and their second, "Ignite and Rebuild", came out in (2005). Both of these records were released on Indianola Records. They were signed in June 2006 to Solid State Records after fulfilling their contract with Indianola Records. Their most recent album, "Waking Giants", was released on March 6, 2007 on Solid State Records. Hit songs from Waking Giants are "Reach the End", "Salty Grave", and "We Don't Believe". After the release of "Waking Giants", guitarists Dave Swanson and James Allen left Life In Your Way to pursue interest in "PlayRadioPlay". Former "Life In Your Way" and "With Honor" member Todd Mackey were added to the lineup as well as Corey Stroffolino from "The Risk Taken".

The band's last show was held at the Heirloom Arts Theatre in Danbury, Connecticut on July 12, 2008 with a sold-out crowd.

References in media

* The german Classicore group xMaking Wavesx is named after the Life In Your Way song Making Waves


* "The Heart and Flesh Cry Out" (2001) (Salad Dressing Records)
* "All These Things Tie Me Down" (2002)
* "The Sun Rises and the Sun Sets... and Still Our Time is Endless" (2003) (Indianola Records)
* "Ignite and Rebuild" (2005) (Indianola Records/Guideline Records)
* "Waking Giants" (2007) (Solid State Records)

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