Talian dialect

Talian dialect

Talian is a dialect of the Venetian language spoken mainly in the wine-producing area of the state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Talian is also sometimes called Vêneto (brasileiro). Talian is also spoken in other parts of Rio Grande do Sul as well as in parts of the neighboring state of Santa Catarina to the north.

Italian settlers first began arriving into this region in the middle 19th century. These Italians were from mainly north of Italy, where Venetian was spoken.

Although these "new Brazilians" came from Italy, as time went by a uniquely southern Brazilian form of Italian emerged. Veneto became the basis for this Italian-Brazilian regionalism. However, it was also very much influenced not only by other Italian language variations but by Portuguese, the national language of Brazil.

Because its grammar and lexicon remain predominantly Venetian, Talian is not considered a creole language, the preponderance of non-Venetian loanwords notwithstanding.

Like Riograndenser Hunsrückisch ("hunsriqueano riograndense"), the main German dialect spoken by southern Brazilians of German origin, Talian has suffered great depreciation since the 1940s. At that time, then-President Getúlio Vargas started a campaign of nationalization (similar to the Nacionalismo of neighboring Argentina) to try to force non-Portuguese speakers of Brazil to "better integrate" into the national mainstream culture. Speaking Talian or German in public or even in the privacy of one's home was considered offensive and unpatriotic and deserving of severe punishment.

As a result of the traumas of Vargas' policies, there is, even to this day, a stigma attached to speaking these languages.

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