Services Hospital

Services Hospital

Services Hospital is located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Its Principal Chief Executive is Prof. Dr. Faisal Masud.

The Services Institute of Medical Sciences is attached to Services Hospital. The first batch of this newly formed medical school, which is provisionally recognized by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, ["Pakistan Medical & Dental Council's" List of Recognized Institutions at] has graduated in March 2008.Services Hospital also has academic affiliations with:
* University of Health Sciences(UHS) for MBBS and MD.
* College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan for postgraduate studies.


* 1958: A separate outdoor clinic formed for government employees, a satellite clinic of Mayo Hospital.
* 1960: Clinic named as Wahdat Hospital. Subsequently renamed as Services Hospital.
* 1977: Services Hospital becomes the teaching hospital for the newly formed Allama Iqbal Medical College(AIMC).
* 1995: Teaching hospital for Postgraduate Medical Institute(PGMI).
* 1999: Declared as autonomous. A management board was setup to look after the affairs.
* 2002: Services Hospital declared as the teaching hospital for the newly formed Services Institute of Medical Sciences(SIMS).

Recent Developments

* Construction of SIMS building continues near the Gynaecology Block. Once this is complete, the SIMS campus will shift back from Birdwood Road to its new location. However, the 6-Birdwood Road campus will also be a vital part of SIMS. ["DAWN Internet Edition", Paragraph No. 7 at]
* Acquiring of whole body CT Scan for use in A&E, in progress.
* Doppler Imager for use in Radiology Department, in progress.


ee also

*Services Institute of Medical Sciences, the medical school attached with Services Hospital.

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