List of Game Gear games

List of Game Gear games

This is a list of the 266 games available for the Sega Game Gear handheld video game system.

See Lists of video games for related lists.


*"5 in One Fun Pak"


*"Aa Harimada"
*"Addams Family"
*"Adventures of Batman & Robin, The"
*"Aerial Assault"
*"Alien Syndrome"
*"Andre Agassi Tennis"
*"Arcade Classics"
*"Arch Rivals"
*"Arena - Maze of Death"
*"Ariel the Little Mermaid"
*"Asterix and the Great Rescue"
*"Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II"


*"Baku Baku Animal"
*"Batman Forever"
*"Batman Returns"
*"Batter Up (JP Gear Stadium)"
*"Beavis and Butt-head"
*"Berlin no Kabe"
*"Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S"
*"Bonkers Wax Up!"
*"Bram Stoker's Dracula"
*"Bubble Bobble"
*"Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble"
*"Buster Ball"
*"Buster Fight"


*"Caesar's Palace"
*"Captain America and the Avengers"
*"Car License"
*"Casino Fun Pack"
*"Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse"
*"Chase H.Q."
*"Chessmaster, The"
*"Chicago Syndicate"
*"Choplifter III"
*"Chuck Rock"
*"CJ Elephant Fugitive"
*"Clutch Hitter"
*"Coca-Cola Kid"
*"Cool Spot"
*"Cosmic Spacehead"
*"Crayon Shin-chan"
*"Crystal Warriors (JP: Arliel - Crystal Densetsu)"
*"Cutthroat Island"


*"Daffy Duck in Hollywood"
*"Deep Duck Trouble Starring Donald Duck"
*"Defenders of Oasis"
*"Desert Speedtrap"
*"Disney's Aladdin"
*"Double Dragon"
*"Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine"
*"Dragon Crystal"
*"Drop Zone"
*"Dunk Kids"
*"Dynamite Headdy"


*"Earthworm Jim"
*"Ecco the Dolphin"
*"Ernie Els Golf"
*"Eternal Legend"
*"Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing"
*"Excellent Dizzy Collection, The"


*"F-15 Strike Eagle"
*"Faceball 2000"
*"Factory Panic (JP: Ganbare Gorby!)"
*"Fantastic Dizzy"
*"Fantasy Zone"
*"Fatal Fury Special"
*"FIFA International Soccer"
*"FIFA Soccer 96"
*"Foreman For Real"
*"Formula One"
*"Frank Thomas' Big Hurt Baseball"
*"Fred Couples Golf"


*"Galaga '91"
*"Gamble Panic"
*"Gambler Jikochuushin Ha"
*"Gear Works"
*"George Foreman's KO Boxing"
*"GG Aleste"
*"GG Shinobi"
*"GP Rider"
*"Gunstar Heroes"


*"Halley Wars"
*"Head Buster"
*"Home Alone"
*"House of Tarot"


*"The Incredible Crash Dummies"
*"The Incredible Hulk"
*"Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"
*"The Itchy and Scratchy Game"


*"Joe Montana Football"
*"Judge Dredd"
*"The Jungle Book"
*"Jurassic Park"


*"Kawasaki Superbike Challenge (Kawasaki Superbikes)"
*"Krusty's Fun House"


*"Last Action Hero"
*"Land of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse"
*"Legend of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse"
*"Lion King, The"


*"Madden NFL '95"
*"Madden NFL '96"
*"Magical Puzzle Popils"
*"Majors Pro Baseball"
*"Marble Madness"
*"Mega Man"
*"Mickey's Ultimate Challenge"
*"Micro Machines"
*"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers"
*"Monster Truck Wars"
*"Mortal Kombat"
*"Mortal Kombat II"
*"Mortal Kombat 3"
*"Ms. Pac-Man"


*"NBA Action starring David Robinson"
*"NBA Jam T.E."
*"NFL Quarterback Club 96"
*NHL All Stars
*"Ninja Gaiden"


*"Out Run"
*"Outrun Europa"


*"Pac Attack"
*"PGA Tour Golf"
*"Pinball Dreams"
*"Poker Face Paul's Blackjack"
*"Poker Face Paul's Gin"
*"Poker Face Paul's Poker"
*"Poker Face Paul's Solitaire"
*"Prince of Persia"
*"Psychic World"
*"Putt & Putter"
*"Puzzle Bobble"


*"Quiz of Gears"


*"RBI Baseball '94"
*"Rise of the Robots"
*"Road of the Magic Story"
*"Road of the Magic Story 2"
*"Road of the Magic Story 3"
*"Road Rash"
*"Robocop 3"
*"RoboCop versus The Terminator"
*"Royal Stone"

*"S.S. Lucifer - Man Overboard!"
*"Samurai Shodown (JP: Samurai Spirits)"
*"Scratch Golf"
*"Sega Game Pack 4 in 1"
*"Sensible Soccer"
*"Shaq Fu"
*"Side Pocket"
*"Super Smash TV"
*"The Smurfs"
*"Solitaire Funpak"
*"Solitaire Poker"
*"Sonic Blast"
*"Sonic Drift"
*"Sonic Drift 2"
*"Sonic Labyrinth"
*"Sonic Spinball"
*"Sonic The Hedgehog"
*"Sonic The Hedgehog 2"
*"Sonic Chaos"
*"Sonic Triple Trouble"
*"Space Harrier"
*"Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin"
*"Sports Illustrated Championship Football & Baseball"
*"Sports Trivia"
*"Star Wars"
*"Streets of Rage"
*"Streets of Rage 2"
*"Strider Returns"
*"Super Battletank"
*"Super Columns"
*"Super Golf"
*"Super Monaco GP"
*"Super Off Road"
*"Super Space Invaders"
*"Superman Man of Steel"
*"Surf Ninjas"
*"Sylvan Tale"


*"Tails Adventure"
*"Tails' Skypatrol"
*"Tempo Jr."
*"Tom and Jerry"
*"True Lies"


*"Ultimate Soccer"


*" (JP: In the Wake of Vampire)"
*"Virtua Fighter Animation"
*"VR Troopers"


*"Wagyan Land"
*"Wheel of Fortune"
*"Wonder Boy (NA: Revenge of Drancon )"
*"Woody Pop"
*"World Cup Soccer"
*"World Series Baseball"




*"Yaiba Adventures"
*" (Unreleased)"


*"Zan Gear"

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