Henry Coote, 5th Earl of Mountrath

Henry Coote, 5th Earl of Mountrath

Henry Coote, 5th Earl of Mountrath (4 January 1684 – 27 March 1720) was an Irish peer who sat as a Member of Parliament in the British House of Commons.

Henry was the second son of the 3rd Earl of Mountrath, who died in 1709. His elder brother Charles succeeded to the earldom before him but died unmarried, and Henry inherited in his turn on 14 September, 1715.

Mountrath had entered Parliament in February 1715, as Whig MP for Knaresborough in Yorkshire. As the earldom was Irish, it did not disqualify him from keeping his seat when he succeeded his brother, and he remained Member for Knaresborough until his death five years later. He was appointed to the Privy Council of Ireland in 1718.

He died unmarried, and the title passed to his younger brother, Algernon (1689-1744).


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