Jack Zipes

Jack Zipes

Jack David Zipes is a Professor of German at the University of Minnesota whose publications and lectures on fairy tales have transformed research on fairy tales and their linguistic roots and socialization function. According to Zipes, fairy tales "serve a meaningful social function, not just for compensation but for revelation: the worlds projected by the best of our fairy tales reveal the gaps between truth and falsehood in our immediate society."

Zipes enjoys masking his scholarship with droll titles like "Don't Bet on the Prince" and "The Trials and Tribulations of Little Red Ridinghood."

Starting with a PhD in comparative literature from Columbia University, Zipes taught at various institutions before heading German language studies at the University of Minnesota. His retranslation of the complete fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm is now the standard.


*The Great Refusal. Studies of the romantic hero in German and American literature (1970)
*Political plays for children: the Grips Theater of Berlin (1976) translator
*Breaking the Spell: radical theories of folk and fairytales (1979).
*Fairy Tales and the Art of Subversion: the classical genre for children and the process of civilization (1983)
*"The Trials and Tribulations of Little Red Riding Hood" :versions of the tale in sociocultural context (1983) ISBN 0-415-90835-3
*Germans and Jews since the Holocaust: the changing situation in West Germany (1986) editor with Anson Rabinbach
*Victorian Fairy Tales (1987) editor
*Don't Bet on the Prince (1987)
*The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm (1987) translator
*The Brothers Grimm: from enchanted forests to the modern world (1988) biography
*Fairy Tales and Fables from Weimar Days (1989)
*Beauties, Beasts, and Enchantment: classic French fairy tales (1989) translator
*The fairy tales of Frank Stockton (1990) editor
*Spells of Enchantment (1991)
*Arabian Nights : (1991) adaptation
*The Operated Jew : two tales of anti-semitism (1991) translator
*Fairy Tale as Myth; Myth as Fairy Tale (1994)
*The Outspoken Princess and the Gentle Knight (1994)
*The Complete Fairy Tales of Hermann Hesse (1995)
*The Wonderful World of Oz (1998) editor
*When Dreams Came True (1999)
*The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales (2000) editor
*The Great Fairy Tale Tradition (2001) editor
*Sticks and Stones: The Troublesome Success of Children's Literature from Slovenly Peter to Harry Potter (2001)
*Hans Christian Andersen : The Misunderstood Storyteller (2005)
*The Oxford Encyclopedia of Children's Literature (2006) editor
*Why Fairy Tales Stick (2006)

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* [http://www.tc.umn.edu/~d-lena/Mythcon24%20Jack%20Zipes%20page.html Bibliography of Jack Zipes]
* [http://www.storytellingwithchildren.com/2008/06/29/jack-zipes-fairy-tales/ Jack Zipes - Are Fairy tales still useful to Children? One hour interview from the Art of Storytelling with Children Podcast.]

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