Fight Fever

Fight Fever

Infobox VG
title = Fight Fever

developer = Viccom
publisher = Viccom
designer =
release = 1994
genre = 2D Versus fighting
modes = Up to 2 players simultaneously
cabinet = Upright
arcade system = Neo-Geo (98 Mbit cartridge)
display = Raster, 304 x 224 pixels (Horizontal), 4096 colors
input = 8-way Joystick, 4 Buttons
platforms = Arcade

"Fight Fever" (한국 왕중왕, King of Kings) is a 2D fighting game for the Neo-Geo MVS System. It is the first Korean Neo-Geo game and is the only game manufactured and released by Viccom.

A sequel known as The Eye of the Typhoon was created but never released [] .


The game plays similarly to other 2D versus fighting games. There are 8 regular characters to select from and two boss characters (the first boss character is only playable in two player mode). The object of the game is to win two matches out of three. Each character has a set of moves in addition to two basic punches and kicks. Players also have the ability to taunt others, but unlike games such as Art of Fighting, this has no effect and would actually leave the player open to attacks.

In one player mode, after selecting a character, the player must also select an opponent. The opponent order cycles clockwise according to the character select screen. After the first eight are defeated, the player must defeated Master Taekuk, the first boss of the game. After defeating him, the player is challenged by Karate Kenji, the second and final boss.

There are two bonus games that reward the player with points dependent on how successful the player is. The first game is a brick-breaking game that requires rapid pressing of the A button. The second bonus game requires the player to break boards held up by trainers. Both bonus games were also in the game Street Fighter.


*flagicon|South Korea Han Baedal - The taekwondo equivalent of Ryu. However, the appearance and fireball are the only real similarities Han Baedal shares with the Ryu character.
*flagicon|Japan Miyuki - The only female character in the game; possibly inspired by Mai Shiranui. She can summon tornadoes similar to Joe Higashi and has the ability to jump on the opponent and scratch.
*flagicon|Germany Rophen Heimer - A bald German martial artist who can throw fireballs and spin kick.
*flagicon|USA Magic Dunker - A basketball player who is possibly inspired by Lucky Glauber. His projectile attack is similar to Terry Bogard's Power Wave, only he leaps in the air before executing the move.
*flagicon|Brazil Golrio - A fat islander warrior with the ability to spin around quickly and rise at the opponent engulfed in flames. He can also throw fireballs.
*flagicon|Mexico Kim Hoon - The taekwondo equivalent Ken Masters. However, his appearance is more reminiscent of Ryo Sakazaki.
*flagicon|China Chintao - A stereotypical "Shaolin Monk"-type character who can strike with his hair and do a weird scissor kick -- one of the most awkward and strange moves in fighting game history.
*flagicon|USA Nick Commando - A large masked soldier who can throw grenades and charge at the foe. Said to be based on Guile, considering his stage and the overall "American soldier" gimmick, however, his fighting style is very different from Guile's, save for his sweep.
*flagicon|South Korea Master Taekuk - An old Taekwondo master who can stretch out his arms and slam the opponent. He is the first boss character and is only playable in two player mode.
*flagicon|Japan Karate Kenji - The final boss of the game.

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