Drink It Up

Drink It Up
"Drink It Up"
Single by Negativland
from the album Dispepsi
A-side Drink It Up
B-side Why Is This Commercial?
Released 1997
Format CD, vinyl
Recorded 1996
Genre Experimental rock, sound collage, alternative music
Length 3:46
Label Seeland, Mordam
Writer(s) Don Joyce
Richard Lyons
Mark Hosler
David Wills
Producer Negativland
Negativland singles chronology
"Gimme the Mermaid"
"Drink It Up"
"The Greatest Taste Around"

"Drink It Up" is the first single by Negativland released from the 1997 album Dispepsi. The song is about a man who is gleeful thinking about Pepsi, but gets exaggeratedly depressed with other soft drinks. Its music video was released on the Our Favorite Things DVD.


"Drink It Up" was sung by Don Joyce and David Wills. The lyrics incorporate verbal puns from the point of view of the singer. For example, Sweet Success would fail him and Samuel Adams lager would make him "ale", but he gets happy when he starts drinking Pepsi.

However, when the singer praises Pepsi, he sings "my mind just turns to Pepsi," implying that his brain has literally turned into Pepsi. The phrase is a subtle reference to the notion of one's brain becoming waste.

On the album Dispepsi, the song transitions into "Why Is This Commercial?", the remainder of "Drink It Up". It competes with "Christianity Is Stupid" for the song that has the fewest samples in it; the only sample features a child talking about a Pepsi advertisement about a vending machine that refuses to accept a man's dollar bill.

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