Autonomist Federation

Autonomist Federation

The Autonomist Federation ("Fédération Autonomiste", FA) is a centrist, social-liberal and social-democratic Italian political party active in Aosta Valley. Its leading members are Leonardo La Torre and Giorgio Lavoyet.

It was founded in 1998 by the merger of the Autonomists Democrats Progressives, which included some Republicans, and Autonomist People's Alliance, basically formed by former Socialists. In the 1998 regional election the party list, which included also some members of the Christian Democratic Centre and of the United Christian Democrats, won 9.7% of the vote and got elected four regional deputies.

In the 2001 FA, which had been a member of the governing coalition since 1998, was merged with the Autonomists into Edelweiss Aosta Valley (SA), but, following the 2003 regional election (in which SA won 19.8% of the vote), it re-gained its autonomy.

FA currently controls three seats in the Regional Council and Leonardo La Torre (a former Socialist, who is also regional leader of the Italian Democratic Socialists) is regional Minister within the "autonomist" governing coalition led by the Valdotanian Union: the Autonomy Progress Federalism Aosta Valley.

In the 2008 regional election the party won 6.2% of the vote and 2 regional deputies (out of 35), while the three-party regionalist coalition won 62.0% and a large majority, composed of 22 regional deputies. []


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