Kobe Regatta & Athletic Club

Kobe Regatta & Athletic Club

The Kobe Regatta & Athletic Club, founded in 1870 by Alexander Cameron Sim, is Kobe and the Kansai region's oldest sports club. The club moved to a newly manufactured building at the end of 1870 and held its first-ever regatta on December 24, 1870. The first official football match in Japan was held on February 18, 1888 between the KR&AC and its Yokohama counterpart, the Yokohama Country & Athletic Club. [ [http://www.krac.org/history.shtml Kobe Regatta & Athletic Club] - "a distinguished history", retrieved February 26, 2007]


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* [http://www.krac.org/index.shtml Kobe Regatta & Athletic Club Official Website]

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