Kobe Mosque

Kobe Mosque

nihongo|Kobe Mosque|神戸モスク|Kōbe Mosque, also known as nihongo|Kobe Muslim Mosque|神戸ムスリムモスク|Kōbe Muslim Mosque, was founded in October, 1935 in Kobe and is Japan's first mosque. [Penn, M. "Islam in Japan," [http://www.asiaquarterly.com/content/view/168/ Harvard Asia Quarterly] Vol. 10, No. 1, Winter 2006., retrieved February 26, 2007] Its construction was funded by donations collected by the Islamic Committee of Kobe from 1928 until its opening in 1935. [ [http://www.kobemosque.org/History%20English.htm Kobe Mosque Official Website] - "History", retrieved February 26, 2007] The mosque was confiscated by the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1943. However, it continues to function as mosque today. It is located in the Kitano-cho foreign district of Kobe. Owing to its basement and structure, the mosque was able to endure through the Great Hanshin earthquake.

The mosque was built in traditional Turkish style by the Czech architect Jan Josef Švagr (1885–1969), the architect of a number of Western religious buildings throughout Japan.

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* [http://www.kobemosque.org/index.htm Kobe Mosque Official Website]

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